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Recap: Girls Only-The Secret Comedy Of Women At Denver’s Garner Galleria Theatre

Picture two besties sitting in their undergarments comparing school girl diaries and chatting up about everything from crushing on boys, to cup size and puberty. Major drama, gossip, and giggles ensue on all things woman. Yes, it is racy. It is taunting. Tampons fly through the air, and women prance about in pantyhose. But these ladies reveal so much more than the secret contents of their purses. They are spot on at poking fun of what makes our gender so unique and endearing. This is simply a taste of what to expect when attending Girls Only – The Secret Comedy of Women.” Barbara Gehring and Linda Klein are the dynamic duo behind “Girls Only”and aside from being stars of the show, they also wrote and co-directed it!

Photo Credit: Terry Shapiro

After digging out their junior high diaries and swapping some laughs, they turned the tales of their younger years into a full blown comedic production that has taken Denver by storm. After selling out local venues for over two years and knocking the socks off of over 90,000 women, the show has managed to gross over 2.3 million in ticket sales and is still going strong. These women are so completely cheerful, warm, and heartfelt you will feel like they personally invited you over to their slumber party. Even the set will have you reminiscing about little Johnny from the 6th grade and the first time you realized you had boobs.

Each woman shares intimate details of their childhood, memories of puppy love, and coming of age debacles that all women can relate to. And did I mention, they improv like nobody’s business. Gehring and Klein have impeccable comedic timing and present hilarious raw truths about the female persuasion in such a way, they are able to engage the audience and have every one of us laughing at ourselves. Don’t be fooled by the mockery, for they also demonstrate why women are some of the most powerful and innovative minds of all time with their history of woman shadow play.

Photo Credit: Denver Metromix

Gain a sense of camaraderie, and delve into the world of all things girly, complete with complimentary pink diary brimming with party ideas, quizzes, chic cocktail recipies, and fun facts. Did you know the average weight of a woman’s purse is over five pounds, or that there are over a dozen household uses for those pesky maxi pads collecting dust since hitting menopause? These are just a couple of the clever comedic shorts that are sure to bust your buttons! This is an absolute Denver must see. Round up your “Girls Only” posse, take in the show, and leave with much more than you bargained for.

WHEN: November 16, 2011-December 31, 2011. Performances on Tuesday-Sunday at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday matinees at 2 p.m.

Garner Galleria Theatre
14th & Curtis Denver, CO

TICKETS: $31 – Purchase Online


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