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Mix1 Protein Shakes

Photo Credit: www.mix1life.com

Bars, powders, pre-mixed shakes, cookies, you name it, I’ve tried it looking for ways to pack extra protein into my diet and for post-workout recovery. Most of my experiments ended in half eaten bars being tossed out or nose-pinching to get through an 8oz. shake. So needless to say, I was weary when asked to review Mix1’s line-up of protein drinks. The company, based in Boulder, Colorado, recently launched their products in the South Florida market, offering protein and “lean performance” drinks.

My take? Definitely drinkable. No nose-pinching needed…in most cases.

The “shakes” are not truly shakes. They are thin, very thin.  Advantage?  They go down like silk. Mix1 drinks, made with whey protein isolate, come in four lean performance flavors and seven protein flavors, chocolate and vanilla being the latest added to their repertoire. I invited some friends to join me in this taste-test and here is a breakdown of the different flavors we checked out:

Protein Shakes:

Packed with antioxidants to aid with post-workout inflammation and boost immune system. Has a 2 to 1 carb to protein ratio and lactose, gluten, soy, and caffeine free.


Calories – 190

Fat – 2.5g

Protein – 15g

Fiber – 3g

Carbs – 29g

Sugar – 23g


Vanilla: Spot on vanilla flavor with no signs whatsoever of the typical chalkiness most protein drinks deliver. The curious cook in me decided to put it to the test and used the Mix1 Vanilla Protein Shake to make protein pancakes, instant oatmeal, and even as a milk substitute for my cereal. Thumbs up. It has now become my go-to in the morning for protein and carbs, added rocket booster for a day’s work.


Chocolate: Crying for help. We all agreed that it lacks the rich flavor of chocolate and adding chocolate to this yourself would defeat its purpose. It does have the slightest chalky aftertaste, but is still drinkable. Maybe add it to a banana in the blender and go to town.

TIP: Add fruits or fat-free, low-cal sherbets or fro-yo to cut chalkiness in any protein drink.


Strawberry-Banana: We all agreed that we love strawberries and bananas, even more so together. However, this was our least favorite flavor of them all. So, if you must, do yourself a favor, and do what we did: throw it in a blender with a few strawberries and pieces of banana before you take it down.

Mango: A tropical delight. I’m not big on mango, unless it’s the actual fruit and ripe to a fault. This was a surprise. It’s generously sweet and good tasting with just a touch of chalkiness, but nothing off-putting.


Lean Performance:

Diabetics drink up! Phenomenally light, super low-cal, low sugar post-workout recovery tonic. Fruit based drinks (no vanilla or chocolate yet) with 3 servings of fruits and veggies and also lactose, gluten, soy, and caffeine free.


Calorie – 90

Fat – 1g

Fiber – 3g

Protein – 10g

Carbs – 10g

Sugar – 3g

Blueberry: Has a distinct blueberry flavor with notes of apple juice, which it contains. None of us had a problem ‘til the last drop.

Acai-Pomegranate: Acidic as expected from these two powerful, antioxidant berry pals. I thought about tossing it after the first few sips, but then it grew on me and finished it without a further wince or scowl. Some of my other friends liked it off the bat, while one chucked it after the first sip.

Strawberry-Banana: Let’s not even go there. Mix1 should either tweak this to perfection or remove the flavor altogether. This one ended up coating my kitchen drain.

All in all we agreed on the different finishes and flavors and the fact that the word shake is inappropriate when referring to what Mix1 offers.  Yes, they are probably shaken to get the ingredients to combine, but are by far from the consistency of a shake. Regardless of this minor detail, these “drinks” get my utmost stamp of approval. They have filled a hole in my quest for the ultimate protein source. Drink up! Find it here.







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