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Honey’s Bistro And Bakery In Downtown Encinitas

There are few things in life worth waiting in line for:

1)      Your prince charming (and by “waiting in line” I am referring to the proverbial line of life)
2)      A really good bargain (Black Friday, anyone?)
3)      A really delicious breakfast

And while I still might be waiting on finally finding my real life Ryan Gosling (something tells me I might be waiting for a while), I can say that the queue I stand in on the occasional Saturday morning at Honey’s Bistro and Bakery in the ever-charming downtown area of Encinitas is certainly warranted because what awaits your grumbling tummy is well worth the time in line.

Honey's Bistro and Bakery (Photo Credit: 365sandiego.com)

Located between E and F Street on the historic Highway 101, Honey’s has fast become a North County staple and site of many a standing family breakfast date. In fact, on any given Saturday morning, you can find the Little/Miller family enjoying the most important meal of the day together in one of the restaurant’s cozy booths. Allison, the middle daughter of the family’s three girls has recently welcomed a daughter of her own and she and her husband, James have wasted no time in introducing their little bundle to the family tradition. “Honey’s is a family affair! We love our Saturday morning tradition of meeting there for family breakfast! The food is great, and we adore Caesar (the manager). The whole experience is the highlight of our week!”

Speaking of great food, this bistro and bakery offers an array of breakfast (and lunch) items for all appetites. The menu reads like a laundry list of drool-worthy cuisine –everything from the traditional breakfast fare of bacon and eggs and pancakes (their granola-infused version is a playful take on an old classic) to more exotic items like the local favorites, the Acai Bowl and the ever popular Huevos Rancheros. Even I, a gluten-free, lactose-free gal myself (which you know, limits my options just a tad) can find something scrumptious to eat at Honey’s –and let me tell you, as someone who consumes a lot of oatmeal as a result of my dietary lifestyle, I can honestly testify that theirs is some of the best around. Not too runny, not too lumpy; as Goldilocks would say, “it’s just right.”

And the coffee selection; don’t get me started! It is a coffee-lover’s dream! With blends such as “Hawaiian Hazelnut” and “French Caramel” I often have a hard time deciding on just one (which is why I tend to mix). And if you don’t have the time to scout out and obtain one of the always occupied tables at this neighborhood establishment, you can take your food to go. In addition to boxing up their hot entrees, Honey’s boasts an array of fresh-baked muffins, donuts and pastries and even sells their signature granola in portions that would sustain the normal consumer at least a month (I say “normal consumer” because as a granola fiend, I’m pretty sure it would only last a WEEK in my house).

I recently took a girlfriend to Honey’s for her inaugural visit and I think her observation sums it up best, “you know when a place is good when you have to fight for a table!” Table poaching is certainly an art form, (one, that I’d like to say I’ve perfected; it’s all about quick reflexes and well, a little eyelash-batting never hurt anyone) but only necessary during the peak hours (think anywhere between 9:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. on weekend mornings). Otherwise Honey’s Bistro and Bakery is open seven days a week from 5:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., therefore whether you’re an early bird or like to ease into your day at a more relaxed pace, the friendly staff, fresh brewed coffee, and chances are, some of your fellow North County neighbors will be there waiting for you.

With delicious food, a caring manager, and loyal patrons, it’s a wonder why this hidden gem has stayed hidden for so long. That is, until now! Honey’s Bistro and Bakery, because some things are just worth the wait.

Honey’s Bistro and Bakery
632 S. Coast Hwy 101
Encinitas, CA 92024
Ph. 760-942-5433

Monday-Sunday: 5:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.


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