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The Chameleon In Baltimore

The Chameleon sits on Hartford Street by a Safeway grocery store, and looking at the outdoor sitting area you would mistake it for the neighborhood’s chic coffee shop. However, do not let that discernment keep you from savoring a great meal. The Chameleon was once known as The Chameleon Café and in trying to change the public’s perception of the establishment and become more popular, it successfully modified its décor and menu and transformed into a sophisticated restaurant.

The Chameleon restaurant

Photo Credit: bmoremedia.com

The restaurant’s soft somber walls along with its dim lights and simple furnishing contribute to a soothing, elegant ambiance for the sophisticated yet humble consumers. The food was simply delectable and having it was an enjoyable experience. The menu was simple and uncluttered with an extended list of wine and beer. The cocktail list was primarily comprised of what I would call strong drinks: bitter and sour. There was not a fruity cocktail on the list however if you were to request one, the bar tender will be delighted to accommodate you.  To get the full experience I recommend ordering at least an appetizer and an entrée from the $33 prefixed menu since the portions are not oversized. Nevertheless, do not shy away from paying for the regular menu items if you can because it will be worth it.

I started dinner with the Oyster and Spinach for appetizer. The pan-seared oysters were skillfully arranged on a leave less rosemary twig, except for the leaves on one end of the twig. The oyster brochette sat on a bed of flavorful spinach topped with a creamy sauce that was equally wonderful and intriguing in flavor. Nothing was overcooked or undercooked; it was perfect! I continued with the lamb chops that came with a side of vegetable, potatoes and sweet potatoes. The 2 pieces of lamb did not have a big bone, which made it clean and easy to enjoy. The side dish did not deceive either but the sweet potatoes captivated me. It was truly magical. It was not squashy but as soon as you bit into it, the inside instantly melts in your mouth. The meal was scrumptious!

Everything tasted fresh and organic but there was no mention of it anywhere in the restaurant. I saw the confirmation after visiting the restaurant’s website that owner and Chef Jeff Smith selects many of its ingredients from local farms. A sign that Chameleon is truly humble to the core.

The Chameleon
4341 Harford Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21214
Ph. 410-254-2376

Tuesday through Thursday from 5 to 9 p.m.
Friday & Saturday from 5 to 10 p.m.
Sunday & Monday: Closed

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