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Once she fell in love with residing in Washington State, and fell in love with her now husband, she decided to go back to school to become a Secondary English Teacher. She began teaching in 2007 and has 1.5 years of working momma status under her belt.

IKEA Supports Education Through The Sale Of Soft Toys

As the holidays approach, it’s a time of celebration for many families. Lists for Santa begin to circulate, holiday meals are planned, and memories are made. However, for so many children around the world, this is a time for even further heartache due to the lack of services provided to them. And one such important necessity needed for the betterment of the world is for these children to get a great education, to afford them a better future. What a great gift that could be for them this holiday season. That is why IKEA has partnered up once again with UNICEF and Save the Children for their annual IKEA Soft Toys for Education.

For each purchase of an IKEA Soft Toy, one euro (approximately $1.35 US) will be donated to the IKEA Soft Toys for Education campaign. And since these items can run anywhere from $.49 to $19.99, a small purchase goes a long way.

The IKEA Foundation, the philanthropic organization that organized this campaign in conjunction with UNICEF and Save the Children to create this holiday campaign, states that it “aims to improve the education of the most disadvantaged children while recognizing that education is one of the best investments for them.” And what a better way to raise funds for education of those less fortunate than through the sale of some educational and fun items to boot.

Photo Credit: ikea.com

These soft toys range from finger puppets, glove puppets, and a 13 piece farm house kit for your young one to explore their creativity and imagination, to a soft toy carrot and broccoli to teach about nutrition. Also included are other enjoyable items like plush soccer balls and a set of gray elephants.

This program was founded in 2003 and according to IKEA, since then they have donated about $47.5 million dollars (US), allowing approximately 8 million children in nearly 40 countries a chance for a better education. This year, the money split between UNICEF and Save the Children, will go towards projects allowing children in Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia the ability to attain a access to a better education.

Ultimately, not only can you help educate those less fortunate this holiday season, but you can also help to educate your own children. Before your next trip to IKEA, teach them about what these organizations are about and how they are helping children, who just like them, are deserving of all the fortunes the world has to offer them.  They will have a greater understanding of why you are purchasing these fun toys for them. And who knows, perhaps you can purchase a few extras to pay it forward even further and donate to children in the US this upcoming holiday season.

This campaign runs November 1st-December 24th 2011. Purchases can be made in store or online. So on your next trip out to IKEA to purchase a new bookcase or desk to help you become more organized, make a quick stop into the children’s section to help those less fortunate. Education is the key to hoping for a better tomorrow.

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