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Charla Malone has over 20 years experience working in the beauty industry. She began her career doing makeup for print, runway and brides. In 2004, she graduated top in her class
from the Aveda Institute – St. Petersburg and is a licensed esthetician in the state of Virginia. Currently, Charla is the Lead Makeup Artist for the Salon Emage Style Team.

Charla has been blessed to have worked with celebrities at fashion shows and commercial shoots. Empowering people to feel beautiful is her greatest accomplishment especially when it comes to her work with cancer patients and survivors. Charla has a passion for many philanthropic endeavors having volunteered her time for: American Cancer Society, St. Baldwrick’s Foundation, Fauquier SPCA, Cystic Fibrosis, Partnership for Old Town Warrenton, and the Great Meadow Foundation. In her life before beauty, Charla worked for charities including the UDT-SEAL Association and the March of Dimes, was a corporate spokesperson and marketing it-girl, and dabbled in modeling. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Old Dominion University.

Miss A Exclusive: Behind The Scenes At The Union Of Angels Photo Shoot

This past week, I had the pleasure of working with Cynthia Bapst one of Council Magazine’s 10 DC metro designers to watch in 2012 and Union of Angels clothing designer. The shoot took place at Cindy’s home in Virgina’s Hunt Country and included my two favorite models – Stefanie Ball and Linsey Toole. Cindy and the style team designed five different makeup looks: resort, equestrian, bohemian, rock star and glam. At the end of the photo shoot, everyone involved had an opinion on which look was the best.

Bohemian makeup on model Stefanie Ball (Photo Credit: Charla Malone)

Union of Angel’s designer Cynthia Bapst’s favorite look was bohemian. This look is fresh with flawless matte skin, a flushed cheek, thin eye-liner and lots of lash. For the bohemian eye there was no black eye shadow used; instead different shades of brown were layered to softly enhance the eye.  The lip was practically natural with only a nude gloss.

Tips and tricks for the bohemian makeup:

Skin:  Apply foundation with a foundation brush and dust powder onto the face with a powder brush. Then, buff the two together with a stippling brush. Do not add bronzer. I used Picture Perfect foundation and foundation brush by Enid’O Cosmetics. The Pro Stippling brush is by Japonesque.

Cheeks: Apply blush starting at the apples of the cheeks sweeping back towards the ear. For more control, use a medium fluffy brush. I used Blush in Natural by Enid’O Cosmetics and applied it with Pro Blush brush by Japonesque.

Eyes: Layer and blend. Layer and blend. Then, blend some more. To define the eye without a heavy eyeliner look, wiggle the liner into the top lash line as close as possible to the lashes. Use a gel or liquid liner and kept it thin. Line the bottom of the eye with a lighter shade and go over the line with a stiff wide angled brush to create a shadow effect. Use Ardell Demi black lashes #120. I used The Basics palette (eye shadows), Chocolate Mousse gel eyeliner and Orbit eye duo all by Enid’O Cosmetics. For blending the bottom liner, use Eye Defining brush by Bare Escentuals.

Lips: No liner or lipstick. Use a gloss that is translucent with no shimmer or glitter. I used Super Gloss in Super Nude by Enid’O Cosmetics.

My favorite look was the equestrian. This look is classic, polished and influenced by the competitive Jumper rider. Skin is bronzed and cheeks are contoured. Eye makeup is traditional with a slightly darkened brow, nude lid and thick top eyeliner. Lips pop but are not bright.

Tips and tricks for the equestrian makeup look:

Cheeks: Use three colors: a brown blush, an earthy pink blush and a highlighter with a soft glimmer. Stay away from

Equestrian makeup on model Linsey Toole. (Photo Credit: Charla Malone)

highlighters that are iridescent or ones with glitter and frost. First apply the brown blush on the cheek bone and blend down
to the hollow of the cheek. Then, apply the earthy pink blush on top of the cheek bone and blend in circles (staying on top of the bone). Sparingly apply the highlight above the cheek bone starting half way up the cheek and sweeping it out towards the ear. Most importantly, apply the highlighter with a brush that gives you good control over where the powder is placed because the
highlighter should not travel up under the eye or down onto the side of the face. I used Japonesque brush #322 to apply the Gleamer by Enid’O Cosmetics. For the blushes, I used the Nars Blush-Bronzer duo in Sin/Casino.

Eyes: Think classic and matte with a flesh tone lid. The top eyeliner should start out thin at the inner eye and gradually get wider as it goes to the outer corner; use a lighter eyeliner from the tear duck to where the lashes visibly start then switch to a darker eyeliner. The only shimmer used was on the bottom lash line from the middle of the eye to the outer corner. Keep the bottom eyeliner line crisp. I used Mineral Matte in Taupe Tan, Chocolate Martini Liquiliner and Topaz Mineral shadow all by Enid’O Cosmetics.

Lips: Not too red, too pink or too dark and no frost. Fill in the lip with a brown lip liner and use a lip brush to blend the liner before adding a translucent gloss in brown or burgundy. I used Curry lip pencil and Super Gloss in Super Nude both by Enid’O Cosmetics.

Union of Angels designer Cynthia Bapst (Photo Credit: Charla Malone)

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