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Tracy Brennan is a working teacher momma to her daughter Abigail, born Nov. 2009, and manages the blog Liberating Working Moms: One Voice At A Time. She was born and raised in South Florida, and studied Journalism and Mass Media at New York University. After college, she moved across the country to the Pacific Northwest. This move and giant change was spurred on after she became an eyewitness to the 9/11 attacks. She knew life could change at a moment’s notice and felt that she needed to make changes to find her true calling.

Once she fell in love with residing in Washington State, and fell in love with her now husband, she decided to go back to school to become a Secondary English Teacher. She began teaching in 2007 and has 1.5 years of working momma status under her belt.

Vintage Chic For The Kids

Vintage dress from the '40s (Photo Credit: schumpeter2006.org)

It seems that everywhere you look today, style continues to be influenced by the past. It could be said that that the new trend of the 21st century is really all those old trends we grew up with. You see it on the runway and you see it in Forever 21. It’s no surprise then that many new mothers are jumping on this fad when dressing their own children.

When you think of the word “vintage” many may shudder at the idea, thinking it’s pricey. However, you don’t need to walk into one such boutique, only to walk out, shaking your head wondering why old clothes cost so much. Darling affordable vintage clothes can be at your fingertips by perusing Etsy alone, as there are currently over 8,000 children clothing items listed right now and many of those are $20 and under.

“I can keep my prices affordable because I am able to procure most of my vintage at good prices, or purchase vintage in large wholesale lots. I want my customers to be able to enjoy the pieces they buy from me and not be afraid to let their small children wear them. I want the clothing to be loved and worn again,” Stacy Hart, of Hart and Sew, a vintage children’s Etsy shop, said.

Photo Credit: Stacy Hart, Hart and Sew

As well as these reasonable prices, shopping online for such outfits can save a new busy mom time. Those who have set up online shops do all the work for you. Once you know what you are looking for, shopping affordable vintage can be easy.

Sandi Devenny, of Adalou, an online Etsy vintage shop that specializes in children’s clothing, said, “There are tons of vintage sellers out there like myself who love hunting for items and stocking their shops with beautiful vintage finds. Shopping online can be really quick, convenient and affordable.”

Photo Credit: Stacy Hart, Hart and Sew

And what most people are looking for these days are frilly girly frocks from the ’40s to ’60s, as they are showing up all over. In addition, rompers for boys and girls from this time period and beyond are popping up everywhere and seem to be the most reasonably priced as you can find many of these for under $10. You can even find that same OshKosh B’gosh pair of overalls you wore as a child or even that nautical sailor dress you wore for your preschool pictures to pass on to your own children, all for under $20.

And the best part about this trend is that once your child grows out of these vintage clothes, there surely is a market for someone else to swipe them up. And who knows, your love for all things vintage could lead to your own business venture as moms Hart and Devenny above did, as they turned their passion into profit, and share their finds with you.

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