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Emergency Supply Kits For Moms

Emergency supply kits come in handy for stressed-out moms (Photo Credit: wzakcleveland.com)

Yesterday morning turned out to be “one of those days”. It started out with a sick child, which meant rushing everyone out the door so we could make an early doctor’s appointment. Right after the appointment, I shuttled the other child to and from school, dropped off and picked up prescriptions, and ran errands. By the time we got home I realized that I was parched, hungry, and had a sinus headache because I was so busy taking care of the kids, I had forgotten to eat or drink all morning. This also meant that I was cranky and short tempered with my sick child, which made me feel even worse.

I never walk out the door without a bag full of snacks and supplies for my kids, but I don’t have any type of emergency supplies for myself. And there are plenty of days when I need them. So instead of grabbing some calorie-laden snack at the drug store check out or pulling through the drive through, I decided to keep my own stash of emergency supplies in the car specifically for “one of those days”.

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My personal emergency supply kit includes:

A box of grown-up snacks -my favorite are Cascadian Farms chocolate chip granola bars because they are individually wrapped, perfectly sized, and won’t make a mess.

Empty water cup – if I forget my water bottle, an empty cup can be filled at soda fountains or water fountains as I go about my day.

Medicine – I packed a supply of Sudafed because stress gives me sinus headaches.

Sudoku or Crossword puzzle – I constantly find myself waiting, whether it’s for five minutes in the preschool pickup line or twenty minutes at the drug store for a prescription. There are fun aps for the phone or I can stash a book in my glove compartment so I have something productive to do during my wait.

Twenty dollar bill – This past month, I have run into two cash-only stores. Plus, you can always use extra cash when you pass by the girl scout cookie table or bake sale. Or how about just a little treat for yourself that won’t get recorded on any credit card statements?

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