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Review Of In Search Of Fatherhood By Kevin Renner

Photo Credit: Kevin-Renner.com

The daily routine of battling morning traffic, meeting office demands, rushing to get your daughter to her soccer game, providing the family a well balanced dinner, and getting to bed at a decent hour in an attempt for energy to accomplish the schedule all over again the next day does not leave much time to build a long lasting and rewarding relationship. Kevin Renner came to this realization while also questioning what he had left to teach his nine and thirteen year old daughters.

In his book, In Search of Fatherhood, Renner shares interviews he conducted with 50 different women from all over the globe. He interviewed these women to gain perspective on their individual father daughter relationship. The root of Renner’s quest was to learn from these women’s experiences and apply it to his own life. Renner includes the hidden meaning he believed each woman gained from their relationship. He also adds what he discovered from many stories and how he could apply it to his own relationship with his daughters.

Renner divided the book into sections by women who where blessed with loving fathers, fathers who were mediocre male figures, and the men who should have never become fathers. Each story is three to five pages long and briefly skims the surface of each woman’s journey. At times, I found myself invested into a story that ended too soon. The book would have been enormous had Renner added every detail of these women’s lives. However, I would not have complained for additional content.

Photo Credit: Kevin-Renner.com

I recommend this book to everyone. Readers will need a box of tissues for many of the heartbreaking as well as smile worthy moments. In Search of Fatherhood provides a different parenting insight versus books that state how parents should act without any real substance as to why. Renner is a wonderful writer that truly displays the sincerity of benefiting from the women’s stories in an attempt to improve the relationship with his daughters. The world can only keep praying for men who care enough about their daughters to uncover ways to create a strong bond with them.

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