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Abby Wyatt is native of Northern Virginia and lived in the DC area most of her life. She graduated from Coastal Carolina University with a degree in Sociology which she turning into a career in financial planning. For the next several years she and her husband moved between Charlotte, NC and DC for their jobs but after the birth of their 3rd daughter she traded in her suits and laptop for yoga pants and an iPhone and became a stay-at-home mom to their now 4 little girls. Her family is now settled in Charlotte, North Carolina where she spends her time as a mom cooking with her daughters, sewing, gardening, and trying to be crafty. She spends her time as an adult reading, enjoying dinners with her girlfriends, watching reality TV on Bravo, and blogging. She is passionate about finding great things to do as a family and keeping a frugal lifestyle at the same time.

Tips For Avoiding Drama When In-Laws And Family Come To Visit

(Photo Credit: Reggie Hall)

It’s always nice to have family come and visit.  Whether they come to your home or vice versa these visits can also bring some anxiety for us mommies BUT with the possible anxiety families also bring their love and care and that is what should be focused on.

Some women get along great with their family and their in-laws and it is so great when that is the case but for others it can be a little more of a challenge. When immediate and extended family get together it becomes clears that every family has it’s own special dynamic and this dynamic can be good, bad, or possibly ugly but its yours and you should own and accept it especially during family vacations.

Try to remember these simple tips and make the most of the time with your family because after all you’re family and you love each other!

Be Confident in Your Parenting Skills – We all know the saying ‘Mother knows best’ and in this case YOU are the mother of your kids so remember to stay confident and don’t let any ones words or actions weigh you down because you know your kids better than anyone and you are the best Mom for your kids.

Remain Flexible and Positive – No matter the situation flexibility is always a key to happiness and survival.  When family is in town or you are visiting family your kids are out of their regular routine and things never go as planned so don’t fret, just accept.  Above all – stay calm because your kids will pick up on any frustrations from you and it can make the situation more difficult than it should be.  Your attitude spreads to your kids so be happy and positive and have fun!

Accept Family Conflicts – They are going to happen, just roll with it.  As Caroline Manzo (from Real Housewives of New Jersey) says “We’re family.  We love big, fight big, and make up big.”  While that is great advice it can also be helpful to try and avoid topics that you know get touchy with family members. Keep the visit light and fun.

(Photo Credit: Reggie Hall)

Plan Activities – If down time at home becomes too much for your family plan some activities to get everyone out.  If your family is up for it plan some great activities that keep everyone together so you get the quality time that everyone wants but it also keeps everyone busy.  Go to your local museums, pack up a lunch and have a picnic at your local park, or you can do something as simple as getting some old photographs out from when you were a kid and look at them together with your family and your kids.

We all have childhood memories of family vacations and now it’s our turn to create them for our children.  Make the most of the time you have and make some great memories!


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