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Top 10 Fall 2011 Book Releases

Although the outside temperature would like to tell you otherwise, fall is on its way, and with fall comes a new lineup of books for the season. While summer tends to be the big reading season, and with beach trips and the possibility of a more relaxed work schedule it’s easy to see why. But that doesn’t mean that fall cannot be hiding the next great book somewhere in between the newly fallen leaves.

These new releases this coming August will help cool off the end of the summer days and help heat up the oncoming winter nights.

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#1 This Beautiful Life by Helen Schulman (Release date: 8/2)

Moving to a new town is tough for everyone. When the Bergamonts move from uptown college ville to Manhattan, they discover first hand the changes that moving can bring. Richard becomes consumed by work, Liz goes from working mom to stay at home mom and finds the change a bit difficult, and Jake has to deal with a new school and making new friends. As life begins to finally settle, a sexually explicit video of an eighth grade admirer shows up in Jake’s e-mail. Forwarding it to a friend, the video goes viral, ensuing a scandal for the family, and bringing on a whole new set of challenges for their new life.

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#2 Real Vampires Don’t Wear Size Six by Gerry Bartlett (Release date: 8/2)

Everyone has issues with their weight, and no matter what size a person is, there always seems to be some sort of problem with it.

For Glory St. Clair her weight problems go beyond that of a normal persons because she’s a vampire. Throughout history vampires are known for their sexy features: gorgeous faces and to die for bodies. So when the devil gives Glory the ultimate deal: work for him and be a size six, she’s eager to get started. But first things first: Glory needs to get back the man of her dreams no matter what it takes.

From the national bestselling author of Real Vampires Hate Their Thighs, Real Vampires Don’t Wear Size Six will have readers hooked and wanting to read more about this addictive vampire.

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#3 Love You More: The Divine Surprise of Adopting My Daughter by Jennifer Grant (Release date: 8/9)

For parents who cannot have children, and even for some who can, adoption has always been a way for them to create a family of their own.

Love You More: The Divine Surprise of Adopting My Daughter is the touching and humorous story of journalist Jennifer Grant, and her experiences adopting a fifteen-month-old girl from Guatemala even though she already has three children of her own.

Broken into different sections, the book captures the adoption experience through family stories. The stories also touch on topics that may be tough for parents who are going through them, including infertility and miscarriage. Overall, readers will be intrigued, and perhaps even inspired, by this family’s journey through adoption and gaining a family out of it.


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#4 The Lantern by Deborah Lawrenson (Release date: 8/9)

Eve falls in love with Dom, a man she meets in Switzerland. As their relationship blooms, they end up in an abandoned house in the South of France known as Les Genévriers. The house holds many secrets, and as the days go by Eve discovers more and more of them.

But as their relationship continues, Eve also discovers secrets about Dom. Like his failed marriage that still seems to haunt him to the point where he won’t even talk about it. Both Dom and the houses secrets bring Eve onto an adventure where finding the truth may very well save her life.

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#5 Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close (Release date: 8/9)

Weddings and bridal showers are fun. Until every week there is a new bridal shower or wedding to attend. This is the case for Isabella, Mary, and Lauren, who spend their Sunday’s celebrating with friends while trying to deal with their own complicated lives.

Isabella spends her weekdays working for a boss who will bury her with tedious work if she does one thing wrong in the office. Mary is in love with a man who is more in love with her mother. Lauren has a new waitress job at a bar where she’s determined to not fall in love with her boss.

This book is hilarious and will bring the lives of Isabella, Mary, and Lauren to life, making the reader feel like they are long lost friends that they can share their modern lives with.

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#6 The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson (Release date: 8/9)

Even though children look up to their parents, they also tend to think that some things their parents do is a little strange. But for Buster and Annie Fang strange is an understatement.

Their parents have always made their children star in their madcap performance pieces. Now grown up, Buster and Annie have lives of their own. But when their lives come crashing down forcing them to return home, they find out that their parents are planning a final performance, one that will bring everything from their childhood to the front and the possibility of tearing their family apart even more.

This hilarious and complicated family life will have readers in awe, and leave them wondering how they could ever think what their parents did when they were children could be considered strange.

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#7 The Twelfth Enchantment by David Liss (Release date: 8/9)

After her father’s death, Lucy Derrick’s life began spiraling down hill. Staying as an unwanted boarder in her uncle’s home, and avoiding the marriage proposals of  a local mill owner, Lucy doesn’t think there’s anything that could make her life better until Lord Byron shows up at her house with a cryptic message.

Suddenly Lucy finds herself wrapped in a conspiracy where ruthless enemies use ancient powers to try to create catastrophe, and she must harness new magical powers in order to preserve the future of humanity and lay claim to her destiny.


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#8 Coming Up For Air by Patti Callahan Henry (Release date: 8/16)

Every family has secrets, and there are times when we discover those secrets well after they’re gone.

That’s what happened to Ellie Calvin. As her marriage starts to fail, her controlling mother passes away. At her funeral she sees her ex-boyfriend, Hutch, and finds out he’s working on a documentary that involved Ellie’s mother before her death.

Not sure if she wants to face the questions that Hutch is asking, Ellie is forced into it when she discovers her mother’s diary in the attic, and stumbles upon secrets she never knew her mother had.

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#9 The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh (Release date: 8/23)

We all have our own ways of coping with issues in our lives. For Victoria Jones, that coping mechanism is flowers. Every flower has it’s own meaning, and Victoria enjoys learning about flowers and their meanings. After growing up in foster care all her life, when Victoria is emancipated at eighteen, she has no where to go and ends up living in a local park, spending her time planting a garden. When a florist sees the garden he discovers Victoria’s talents and hires her as a florist in his shop. But after a flower market, Victoria is suddenly forced to confront her past and a terrible memory she has kept buried away in order to achieve complete happiness.


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#10 The Buddha in the Attic by Julie Otsuka (Release date: 8/23)

Broken into eight sections, The Buddha in the Attic follows the lives of a group of young women brought over to San Francisco from Japan as ‘picture brides’ nearly a century ago.

Each section follows a certain portion of their journey: from the boat that brought them to America, to the first meeting with their husbands, to the work they endured, and the culture and language they had to learn. The novel is a focus on the American dream and how other cultures strived to achieve it while adjusting to life in a completely different country.

With so many different new titles, your fall will be filled with plenty of stories to take up those chilly nights spent indoors.

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