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RealRyder Indoor Cycling Studio

(Photo Credit: RealRyder Studio)

I haven’t ridden an actual bike in years. I’m told that hopping back on is like, well, riding a bike. But if it’s anything like the workout at RealRyder Studio in Los Angeles, it isn’t what the old adage promises.

RealRyder is an indoor cycling workout with a twist…the bike is slightly destabilized so that you can lean into turns and have to maintain balance while riding. It intensifies a spinning workout ten fold. It engages your core, in a way that most spinning classes don’t, in addition to your butt and thighs. I haven’t been exhausted by a spinning workout in years, but when I felt gassed and looked at the clock to see I was only five minutes into the class, I knew my workout was headed to the next level.

Manager Rachelle Ambrose is also one of the instructors — all of whom are unbelievably fit, and understandably so, if you do this everyday, it’s a given. She maintains an ultra-hygienic space with a limited number of bikes so that you can get the individual attention you need if you’re new. The lighting and play lists are designed to get you pumped, but aren’t obnoxiously bright or loud.

There aren’t too many studio workouts that I can say are so above and beyond your average gym class that it’s worth the paying extra price, but it looks like I may have to work RealRyder Studio into my budget.

For more information on RealRyder Studio visit their website realrydercyclingstudio.com

Open seven days a week. See schedule for complete list of classes.

RealRyder Cycling Studio
11677 San Vicente Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90049
Ph. 310.820.8998
Email: info@realrydercyclingstudio.com



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