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Chord & Sip Guitar Class With Christopher J. Bloom At Jonsey’s Eat Bar

Photo Courtesy - Christopher J. Bloom

Music has a way of stirring our souls. Even the slightest rhythmic hum of a live instrument’s mellifluous tone elevates our senses. Are you a lover of live music and always dream of jamming out with the pros? Here is your chance. Not only will you partake in exclusive tips from famed local music producer and guitarist Christopher J. Bloom who has worked alongside producer of The Fray and Second Hand Serenade, but you will also enjoy a cool cocktail and mingle with seasoned musicians and beginners alike.

If you haven’t heard of Bloom he is definitely someone you want on your radar. With 27 years of guitar strumming, 15 years of teaching green protégés, and countless concerts and tours under his belt, he is a man who lives, eats, and breathes music. Bloom’s Room located in downtown Denver is home to his very own production studio, where he writes, engineers, produces, and mixes, amazing melodic sounds.

Photo Courtesy - Christopher J. Bloom

From the love of tunes, drink, and good people, sprung Bloom’s newest cultivation, Chord & Sip, an evening of group guitar class for beginners in a fun, relaxed environment with friends. Bloom’s simple orchestration of guitar lessons, has turned into all the rage at Jonsey’s Eat Bar, where for a little over a Benjamin you can enjoy a full 6 weeks of guitar strumming. “This will be the most purposeful thing you can do to set your life in a new direction. Sounds crazy? We all need something to change our ruts. Creative investments are the best to set you free. Chris is awesome…just do it!” raves Rick Patch  – Chord and Sip enthusiast. Another attendee Nate Hollman spouts, “Cheers to Chord & Sip Guitar Class with special thanks to Christopher J. Bloom who has strategically and skillfully encouraged each individual artist to reach their full potential. Thanks for all you do! Who knew learning could be so fun.”

Photo Courtesy - Christopher J. Bloom

A truly imaginative and uber-chic way to mix up the 9-to-5 grind, Chord and Sip will ignite the creative impulses lurking inside you. Put the strut back in your step and the zing in your fingertips. Impress friends with a new party trick or better yet, sign yourself up plus one – boyfriend in tow – and get competitive! Not only will you be challenged and gain bonus points for being able to strum a few notes, people will give you mad props for all the effort. If for nothing else than the simple joy of picking up a fresh hobby or meeting fabulous people, this social gathering on a school night is the place to be.

Chord & Sip Guitar Classes

WHEN: Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday Nights

6:00 pm – 7:30 pm


Jonsey’s Eat Bar
400 E. 20th Ave.
Denver, CO 80205
Ph. 303-863-7473

TICKETS: 6 weeks/$120.00

*For more information contact

Christopher J. Bloom
Sound Structure Studios
3101 Walnut Street
Denver, CO 80205-2326
P: 303-257-7922

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