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Leda Eizenberg is finding her way back to the page (er, screen) after a hiatus to take care of her son, a preemie who spent 114 days in the NICU, and who is now the giggliest eight-month-old in a five-month-old’s body you’ll ever meet. She and her husband are recent transplants from Brooklyn, New York to the Boston ‘burbs, where she grew up. She misses the food in Brooklyn, but her mom’s home cooking is tasty, and no restaurant would be so glad to see her baby. A former high school English teacher and a current MFA candidate in creative nonfiction writing at The New School, she is working on Before She Was Oma, a book about her quest to uncover her grandmother’s life as a Nazi resister.

Make Reading Fun this Summer

Five Ways to Make Reading Fun this Summer:

1) Model reading for your children.

Your children will enjoy reading if they see you enjoying reading. And unfortunately, reading the screen doesn’t count. Let them see you relaxing by the pool with a book, and they’ll want to do the same.

2) Download audio books for those plane and car rides.

Pick exciting stories slightly above your child’s reading level. Audiobooks are an opportunity for them to stretch as readers. If it’s for a car trip, the whole family can listen together and discuss the story. If it’s for a plane trip, try having each family member listen to the same book so you can still discuss.

3) Have a family book club.

Get everyone reading the same book, and discuss it at the dinner table. Or you can even set aside a book club night on which you serve theme foods related to the book or your kids’ favorites. When discussing the book, ask open-ended questions about character motivation, why things happened the way they did, and ways in which the story connects to your lives.

4) Read to your child, or, if your child is older, take turns reading to each other.

Consider reading a section of a longer book to each other every night. Ask questions as you read. Encourage your child to make predictions, to explain why something happened, and to make connections between the book and his own life.

5) Let your child read what she wants!

Summer is a time for pleasure reading; let your child discover the joy of reading by choosing what she reads. It’s fine if she selects comic books, or Twilight or a book about Justin Bieber. Now isn’t the time to force your literary tastes on your child! Help her learn to love reading, and eventually she’ll choose to challenge herself.


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