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Daniela Medina is a graduate of Kennesaw State University. After earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Communication and a Marketing minor, Daniela works in the non-profit sector. On her days off, Daniela enjoys writing, catching the latest movie releases, scenic drives in North Georgia and reading on her Kindle.

Review of Normal Gets You Nowhere By Kelly Cutrone

“In my opinion, we need to raise an army of supertalented uberfreaks if we’re ever going to really change the world – since it’s only freaks who ever have,” wrote Kelly Cutrone in her book Normal Gets You Nowhere. By sharing personal stories and dispensing advice, Cutrone urges the readers of her second book to break away from what society deems as normal and traditional. She discussed issues ranging from the media, casual sex, conventional holidays, morals, death and friendship. Using these subjects as guidelines, Cutrone asks for people to act and feels honestly at any moment of their lives even if the actions and emotions are non-conventional.

Cutrone acts as a fairy godmother whose sole purpose is to give the readers advice on matters many conservative mothers would never speak of. All readers will find at least one topic they can relate to. For instance, her chapter on friendships steers readers to put an end to society’s common occurrence of cutting ties with friends who have hurt us. Cutrone instead reminds us that the people closest to us are human beings and make mistakes. We should not write them off as bad people but instead forgive and attempt to understand their perspective.

I recommend this book not only to women but men as well. No matter the season, this book is one everyone can benefit from thanks to the pages filled with great advice and knowledge from an experienced fashion publicist. The only negative criticism I can note about Normal Get You Nowhere is that many of Cutrone’s ideas moved quickly which gave a sense of a lack of organization. Either way, this is an excellent read that is intriguing due to Cutrone’s detailed life events that can only be classified as page turners.

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