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The Brains Behind Losing Control: Harvard Medical School’s Valerie Weiss And NYU Tisch School of the Arts’s Miranda Kent

Photo Credit: Richard Salazar

When you mix a former Harvard Medical student and a NYU classically trained actress in the same film, you get a really juicy movie about a smart, neurotic scientist who wants scientific proof her boyfriend is “the one.” The sciencey yet romantic film project, ‘Losing Control,’ wasn’t entered in a science fair, but it did take 2nd place in the Gene Siskel Film Festival last weekend for short comedic films.

Director Valerie Weiss got her Phd from Harvard Medical School, then moved to LA and started making movies, a plot twist that could only happen in Hollywood. “I always did theater and science growing up,” said Weiss, “After grad school I moved to LA and started making movies, and that’s where I wrote ‘Losing Control.'”

Lead actress Miranda Kent went to NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and studied acting, “I did both experimental theatre and classical training which doesn’t bode well for Hollywood, I lived in New York and worked a lot in theater and did work on Broadway, then I decided if I was going to move to Hollywood I should do it then, and that’s when I discovered more comedy and improv.”


Photo Credit: Richard Salazar

The two Hollywood anomolies found each other while working on a semi-scripted series called ‘Campus Ladies,’ and have been working together ever since.

‘Losing Control,’ is loosely autobiographical, and is based on Weiss’ experiences in Boston. “The academic science world is insulated and kind of sheltered,” said Weiss. “It has its own subculture and being in your 20s and being in its world you’re experiencing so much frustration and failure, which I thought would be a great setting for a romantic comedy. Not many romantic comedies like smart women, especially a scientist’s outlook on dating and her love life. I was drawing on people I lived with in Boston, the quirky, wacky world in Boston.”

The heart of the movie focuses on the fact that Samantha doesn’t know if her boyfriend is “the one,” and she tries to find reassurance in science. “She’s not feeling that ‘aha’ moment she thinks she’s supposed to,” said Weiss. “She tries to use science to prove it because those are the tools she has in her pocket to get over the anxieties she has about committing to someone who she hasn’t had that ‘aha’ moment.”

The goal of the film was to give women insight to a more realistic approach to knowing they were making the right choice in their partner, as opposed to being hardwired to wait for a white horse or a  blimp with a banner saying ‘he’s the one!’ They hope women feel like they should go with their gut, and that there’s no magic or science involved.

“Every girl no matter have all culturally been told that there is this prince charming thing that’s going to happen,” said Kent. “It’s a fairytale and even someone who’s a scientist isn’t immune to cultural phenomenon.” Both women identified with the over thinking, stressed scientist who lived in that unique world but had real questions that no woman, no matter how brilliant, is immune to.

Though the two actresses are yet to find, “the one,” they’re awfully happy with their relationship.”Miranda is a very, very funny lady,” said Weiss. “We were very lucky to find each other.”

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