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Review of Battle: Los Angeles

The intense scene of war and destruction fills the air as the mysterious creatures walking among the city of Los Angeles unravel the breath-taking plot. The action packed, Battle: Los Angeles movie graced the audience with constant suspense with a hint of drama. The plot surrounds a marine staff sergeant leading his fearless troop of jar-heads, to prevent the city of Los Angeles from being overtaken by a race of highly advanced alien invaders. Although the setting takes place in one city, their battle to save the entire human race paints a bigger picture.

The morale of the characters sets a deep, heart-felt tone for the story as the chain of events progresses. The marine platoon, who prior to this immediate call of duty, was planning his retirement from the marines; however, his loyalty and self-less service called him to action without a doubt. The tone darkens as the death of a former marine, whose death happened under the leadership of the staff sergeant surfaced. Ironically the marine killed was the sibling of one member of his newly formed troop. Remorse from the former marine’s death was physically absent, but mentally consumed the sergeant; all of which were overshadowed by his pride. On the opposite end, the member of his troop was convinced that his staff sergeant was in fact the blame for his brother’s demise and in result he resented his leader. He found comfort in throwing cut-throat slurs shedding a light of failure on his marine platoon. The friction between the two caused an unsettling foundation for the marine platoon’s consistency to their call of command.

Although saving the human race was deemed to be the ultimate goal of the movie; the preservation of integrity and loyalty to patriotism served a greater purpose. The interaction between the characters remained parallel with the thrill of the movie. With each mission accomplished, the relationship between the staff sergeant and his troops grew fonder. The message, once cloudy with doubt and remorse, at the end stood clear. Life is filled with imaginable memories, regret, and pain; all of which are hard to mentally erase, but through a willingness to move forward and forgive mishaps and unfortunate circumstances comes victory.

In the movies final moments the member of his troop learned that his staff sergeant suffered greatly every day due to the loss of his brother, who happened to be one of this best marines. Along with the rest of the falling marines he had lost on that faithful day. In all respect, the movie made viewers admire the sacrifice military personnel lays on the line for the United States. All of their emotions are left behind, keeping one thing in mind the mission at hand.

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