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Debra Locker is an award-winning communications professional as well as an expert on living a beautiful, well-rounded life. For 17 years, she has successfully held positions in public relations & journalism while following her passions of visiting spas worldwide and creating an amazing collection of beauty products!

In 2008, Debra created Locker Public Relations . Based in Kentucky, this award-winning, boutique firm focuses on luxury lifestyles including skin care, spas and eco products. Named the 2010 Small Business Champion of the Year for Kentucky & the Southeast by the Small Business Administration, Debra leads placements in notable media outlets including The New York Times, USA Today, MSNBC, FOX, Good Housekeeping, and RachaelRay.com. Debra also speaks internationally on public relations and is a published expert on communications.

In her 20’s, Debra worked as a television reporter & producer throughout the southeast at stations in Lexington & Louisville, Ky.; Knoxville, Tenn.; and Charlotte. Debra continues to use her broadcast skills in voice-over work for television and radio.

An avid community volunteer, Debra is very active in the Junior League of Lexington; is a Board Member of the Lexington Children’s Theatre; an Advisor to the Epsilon Omega Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority; and is a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).

Skin Authority Skin Care For Men

Shaving as a means to simply remove stubble is so yesterday. The newest tools to boost that morning shave are a wake-up call to technology tuned to men. With men’s unique grooming needs – thicker, oilier skin; sensitivities to dryness & irritation; more UV exposure – age defying is no longer limited to the ladies. (Although, the ladies will love the new shave serum too!)

To tune-in to the manly side of skin care, I spoke with healthy skin care expert Celeste Hilling. Celeste is the CEO and founder of Skin Authority , which just launched an exclusive, age-defying line for men. With 83% of men being attracted to products which are specifically packaged for them and males spending $3.5 billion a year on plastic surgery, it’s clear that there is no longer a negative stigma to men taking steps to look better or younger.”

Skin Authority MAN

The days of men grabbing products from their wife’s counter are over.

Skin Authority MAN combines the best of nature and science to undo and ward off the negative effects brought on by the sun, stress and pollution. Technology tuned to men includes:

·         Age Defying Daily Wash – antibacterial gel removes dirt and oil, leaves skin refreshed and ready for a shave

·         Age Defying Shave Serum – revolutionary serum lifts the hair shaft, not the skin, for an ultra-close, irritation-free shave

·         Age Defying Conditioning Toner – firms and tones skin as it calms irritation and prevents razor bumps

·         Age Defying Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 30 UVA 4-Stars – water resistant, lightweight moisturizer provides full-spectrum UV protection to minimize aging effects of the sun

While we are on the subject of shaving, here are six steps for a smooth, sexy shave from my friend Estelle Heron. Estelle is an amazing model and make-up artist based in Seattle.

  1. Moisten your face & open your pores with warm water
  2. Prep with a facial cleanser to clean & slough off dead skin cells for a closer shave
  3. Apply a shave serum gel in an upward motion. Let it sit on skin for a few minutes to further the moistening process as wet hair is 70% easier to shave
  4. Always shave with your razor in the same direction as your hair grows. Usually hair grows down under chin and is the thickest above the lip
  5. When you are finished shaving, rinse face with cold water. Pat on toner to prevent razor bumps
  6. The final step to a smooth and silky face, legs, bikini line, etc. is applying sunscreen lotion twice a day

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