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Kristina Wolf: From Captain of Police to Philanthropic Interior Designer

I’m a firm believer that a bedroom’s decor tells a story about the person who dwells within it. Whether you opt for the eclectic decor of cultural knick- knacks or a something a bit quieter, it’s comforting to come home to place fitting to your likes and lifestyle. I consider my abode as a kind of personal mecca- an encompassing space of solitude speckled with paintings, maps and photographs personifying my walls into representations of my mind. Yet, most of the time it takes the eye of a professional to translate who we are, or what we love  into a display that flows cohesively. So, when you’re struggling to get the living room to truly pop, it’s necessary to bring in Kristina Wolf, a talented and philanthropic San Francisco interior designer  to revamp your room with ease.

Kristina Wolf Designs Photo Credit: www.kristinawolfdesign.com

Kristina Wolf Designs Photo Credit: www.kristinawolfdesign.com

As the founder of Kristina Wolf Design Inc., Wolf has aided the Bay Area through many mediums,  serving as an Oakland police officer and Livermore’s Captain of Police for 27 years. Yet after retiring, Kristina set her sights on a career that enabled her creativity to shine through in both bold and beautiful form.

Having always had a instinctive love for home decor, Kristina pushed her part-time hobby into full gear by taking interior design courses at UC Berkeley. Following her professor’s advice, she pursued her passion and established Kristina Wolf Design Inc. in 2007. Throughout the last four years, Kristina has designed the interiors for a range of clientele with a wide spectrum of interests from the President of Hotwire.com to her current philanthropic partnership with RoomThatRocks4Chemo.

Kristina stands as one of the six San Francisco interior designers who have volunteered  her time to remake the chemotherapy rooms of Dr. Stephen Hufford’s clinic into a warm, inspiring space for patients and visiting families alike. Iniated by local San Francisco artist, Nancy Ballard, Kristina will adopt and revamp one room for RoomThatRocks4Chemo, redesigning it fully from paint to soft lighting along with a cozy chair. Each room will be renamed by the lead designer and display a tribute graciously acknowledging those involved in this heart warming interior transformation. Not only will this project touch of the lives of those volunteering their time for such a good cause, but will undoubtedly ignite warmth for the struggling patient’s who see little vibrance throughout their chemotherapy treatment.

Cornell Loft  Photo Credit: www.kristinawolfdesign.com

Cornell Loft Photo Credit: www.kristinawolfdesign.com

Whether she’s partaking in community interior design efforts or projects for her own clientele, Wolf is renowned for creating remarkable spaces that truly reflect the residents’ vision. “My favorite part of this career is having the ability to be creative and take a project from start to finish and see the joy in your client’s face,” says lead designer Kristina Wolf.

For all the ladies looking to make-over a home or office space with style, check out further interior design examples at www.kristinawolfdesign.com or contact Kristina personally at kw@kristinawolfdesign.com. Keep your Miss A eyes peeled for further insight as to how San Francisco folks can take part in RoomThatRocks4Chemo; but in the meantime feel free to  visit www.roomsthatrock4chemo.us!



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