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How to Know What Colors Are Best for Your Skin Tone

(Photo Credit: TwitFace.net)

Before I joined the beauty world, I use to stumble with one particular question: “How do I know which colors work best for my complexion?” It may sound very simple, but for the not so beauty savvy, it can be a stumbling block. So I’m going to give you the info I wish I had some years ago.

Very similar to the categories that our skin falls into- oily, dry or combo-complexions are very much the same. Your skin can be classified as either: warm, cool or neutral.  Knowing your skin’s shade can help you pick out the best hair color’s for you as well as shades of makeup and even jewelry. The right colors can make you look radiant and youthful, as opposed to the wrong shades which will make you look haggard and dreary. The best way to figure out your skin’s tone is to check the veins in your wrist or arm in natural light.

-green veins say that your skin is considered a warm tone, filled with apricot, olive or deep gold hues.  Your complexion may be golden brown, pale peach, creamy white or warm beige. You look best in yellow/orange toned colors. Go for bronze tones, true reds, rich browns, you get the idea. Cool colors will work against your complexion making you look washed out. Fact: 75% of women have warm complexions.

-blue veins mean that you are a cool tone. Cool toned skin has a violet, pink or blue undertone. Your complexion is pale pink, dark chocolate, or porcelain white just to give you an example. Icy pastels, cool reds, hot pink and lavender will look good on you. Stay away from warm toned colors, which will only make you look sallow.

(Photo Credit: shawnadmakeup.blogspot.com)

Can’t make out a definite tone? That makes you a lucky woman-your skin is neutral toned. You can pull off both cool and warm toned hair colors, makeup and jewelry. Even though you are considered neutral, your skin will favor one of the other tones just a little bit.

So let’s go a little further and define it just a bit more.

You’re a warm complexion if:

-your eyes are black, brown, or hazel (there are always exceptions to the rule)

-Yellow-gold jewelry looks better on you than silver

-your hair is naturally black,  rich brown, golden-dark blonde, light auburn, reddish golden brown(may not apply to everyone)

-you tan easily

(Photo Credit: ProHipHop.com)

You’re a cool complexion if:

-your eyes are green, blue or grey (again, this does not necessarily have to be true in your case)

-silver jewelry is more flattering on you

-your hair is ash blonde, dark brunette, light brown

-you look great in emerald, ruby or jewel toned colors

With this wealth of information at your fingertips, I hope you have an easier time when it comes to choosing your makeup, hair color, jewelry and yes-this does apply to clothing as well!


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