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Emily Meier is a recent transplant to Charleston. It became clear to her a few years ago that Charleston, with it’s amazing people, culture, and proximity to the water, had her by the heart. She realized this on the way back to Michigan after a visit with friends and she started to cry. She just didn’t want to leave Charleston. The lady at the airport gift shop thought she was crying about leaving a guy. When Emily realized she was crying about leaving a place, she knew she’d be back. A graduate of Denison University she also holds an MFA from Bennington. Currently, she teaches college English (writing and literature) and works as a freelance editor helping potential MBA and law school candidates prepare their essays. With friends and family all over the states, Emily enjoys traveling and is always up for a trip in support of a cause.

Angel Camouflaged Wins Charleston International Film Festival

I was given the chance to see this movie when it premiered at the Charleston International Film Festival a week ago. Since then, it has won for best feature and opened for a larger viewing audience at the Citadel Mall.

Angel Camouflaged is being described as a “rock and roll drama and adventure”. It is the story of Scottie B. who, when the movie opens, is fighting with her own demons and the ones brought on by fame and her rock and roll lifestyle. While the beginning feels a bit rushed and the dramatics not always completely earned, the film finds its pacing when Scottie and her brother, Morgan, reunite and try to make something out of a shabby bar in South Carolina, their only inheritance from a spirited and musically inclined aunt, played by real life rock and roller Patty Smyth.

Comedy ensues when a menacing neighborhood business owner tries to thwart the brother/sister duo’s opening. The highlight of this movie is the music. Patty Smyth, The Marshall Tucker Band and some other skilled musicians bring the talent. Dilana Robichaux, real life musician, who makes her acting debut here, as Scottie, first appeared on the small screen as a contestant on the television show Rockstar Supernova. While she stumbles a bit through the more dramatic scenes, she shines when she has a guitar in hand. This South African musician is someone to watch for on the music scene. James Brolin also makes an appearance and brings some levity and depth to the story as the character “Salt”.

Shot in the desert of California and in various South Carolina locations, this is a hometown movie effort by South Carolinian director/writer/producer Michael Givens. It deserves some hometown support for its efforts. I hope you make the time to catch it in the theater.

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