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Recap and Review of Glee’s Season Finale Episode

Here’s what you missed on Glee.

Recap: New Directions flies to New York City to compete in the National Show Choir Championship. The group gains

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inspiration from the city to compose original songs as a tactic to sweep the competition. With the intention of winning Rachel back, Finn uses the new surroundings as a romantic setting. Rachel shares the same feelings as Finn but must choose if her dreams to become a Broadway star are more important than love. Mr. Schuester also battles with choosing to purse his own Broadway dreams versus continuing to teach.

In an attempt to steer the group from distractions while preparing for Nationals, he decides to keep his new opportunities from the Glee club. Opposing coach Goolsby spills Mr. Schuester’s secret. The group urges him to purse his musical ambitions as a means of inspiring them. Instantly, Mr. Schuester knows the right decision is to stay the Spanish teacher and Director of the New Directions at McKinley High.

Two original songs later, the group is ready to compete. Before the curtains open, Rachel reveals to Finn she will not let love stand in the way of her ultimate career aspirations. However, moved by the music and emotions of the competition, Rachel and Finn share a kiss on stage. Moments of silence and confusion follow the kiss until the band begins to play the upbeat second song.

After placing 12th in the competition, the group returns home to the drama of teenage life. The drama includes a revealed hidden romance between Mercedes and Sam and Rachel’s change of heart after her kiss with Finn.

My thoughts: This season finale was one of the favorite Glee episodes. The directors did an excellent job of incorporating the artistic flair of New York City into the show. Kurt and Rachel having breakfast at Tiffany’s and performing on the Wicked stage brought a smile to my face.

I felt as if the last few episodes were mainly concerning gay issues. Acceptance of people’s sexual orientation is an important topic in this day in age. I, however, felt that the past episodes were too focused on this issue. This was a refreshing episode focused on preparing for the competition and the choices members of the club faced.

Questions left unanswered until season three: Which relationships will last? Kurt and Blaine, Rachel and Finn, Mercedes and Sam? Will Sue ever stop plotting to destroy the Glee club? Do Santana and Dave Karofsky find the strength to admit their sexual orientation?  What new celebrity will make guest appearances on the show? And the most important question: what songs will they be singing?

Glee viewers will have to wait until next season to have these and other questions answered.  Until then, we have our Glee CD’s and episodes saved on our DVR’s to keep us content.

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