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Review of Freshalicious: Eat Fresh. Eat Local. Eat Healthy by Stacey Fokas

I collect cookbooks. Some books are great resources, some have inspiring pictures, and some are cooking bibles. The cooking bibles are those cookbooks that are full of recipes that I would use on a regular basis, with easy to follow instructions and tempting photos. Freshalicious by Stacey Fokas is definitely a cooking bible.

Freshalicious isn’t just a cookbook, it is a lifestyle book dedicated to eating fresh, local and in-season produce all year round.  What inspired Fokas to write Freshalicious? Her daughter was born allergic to dairy. The book is a culmination of the ten years she spent creating recipes that capitalized on local produce and omitted dairy without sacrificing flavor. The result is over 125 recipes that are bursting with flavor.

With every turn of the page, my mouth was watering from the recipes that combine ingredients I can easily find at my local farmer’s market. I asked Fokas how she created such a tome of culinary delights, and she responded that “the book is a reflection of how we live our life.”

The book is divided into four seasonal chapters. Each chapter is peppered with anecdotes from Fokus’s own food journeys. Complimented with stunning photography from Mike McColl, Lisa Clements and Simon Burn, your mouth will be watering with every turn of the page.

The recipes are exceptionally user friendly! Fokas clearly divided each recipe into prep, ingredients, tools, and tips. The method is written in a conversational tone. You will never be wondering,  “but how do I do that?” Fokus left no stone unturned!

Photo credit Mike McColl, www.photoswithsauce.ca

One recipe that particularly piqued my interest is the “Crunchy chicken cutlets on a pretzel bagette” from page 70 of Freshalicious. The recipe blends red and yellow peppers, baby spinach and tiny Spanish pearl onions, seasoned with dill, salt and pepper. The key to this recipe is to coat the chicken cutlets with cracker crumbs, and to fry the cutlets in sunflower oil.  A few simple ingredients that blend together to create a flavor explosion on the palate.

From pizza to an eggplant lasagna, Fokas leaves no stone unturned. She even included baked goods, such as a phenomenal shortbread cookie that substitutes non-hydrogenated lard for butter!

Busy women who want to eat healthy and exotically, without a lot of fuss, will surely enjoy Freshalicious. It is bound to become a staple in my kitchen, as I am sure it would in yours, too!

Visit www.Freshalicious.ca to order your copy today!




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