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How to Create Wavy Beach Hair

Jennifer Aniston; Photo courtesy bellasugar.com

I think beach hair has got to be one of the most beautiful hairstyle that exists. It’s full of texture, tousled and oh so gloriously sexy looking. So how do you achieve this sexy, yet effortless look, minus the aid of a curling iron or round brush? It really isn’t Rocket Science, with just the aid of a texturizing spray, and some minimal work on your part, your hair can be turned into luxurious waves in no time.

First off, you need to invest in a texturizing spray, what’s that you ask? Well, a texturizing spray’s major ingredient is sea salt. Sea salt increases mass around the hair strands, therefore building body and waviness. I’ve learned that texturizing sprays work best on baby fine, straight or naturally wavy hair. If your hair is very curly, then this may not be the best option for you. Here are some of my top picks:

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Spray: Besides the fact that it smells like Heaven, it balances moisture in your hair, which doesn’t hurt when you spend your days soaking up the sun.

Sedu Beach Beauty Sea Salt Spray: I totally adore this spray because of its light conditioning oils.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray: A tried and true favorite of many, many surfer girls that I know.

Fekkai Marine Summer Hair Beach Waves: This one rocks my world because it has a UV shield to help protects your locks from the sun.

OK, so now that you have your product of choice in hand, on to the actual art of Beach Wave Hair.

Step 1: Spritz texturing spray all over clean, damp hair.

Step 2: You can either scrunch random sections of hair from ends to roots; the more you scrunch the more texture you will have.

Photo courtesy http://mystylebell.com/

You can add on your diffuser attachment to your blow-dryer to achieve your waves.

Kate Hudson (Photo Credit: Hollywood Hair Report)

You can let it air dry, or you can even take large sections of hair and twist the hair.

For those of you with a little more time on your hands, there is another option. Before going to bed, part damp hair down the middle, making two loose pigtails. Spray hair with texturizing spray, and then loosely braid both tails, securing ends with an elastic band. In the morning when you unravel them, your hair will be super wavy!

You can also flip your head from side to side, back and forth, to create more of a messy look. The key is to make it look natural; by scrunching, air-drying, using a diffuser or twisting the hair you achieve an effortless look of pure beach beauty.

There you have it, beautiful, sexy and practical wavy hair in a cinch!


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