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Nix & Stones Founder Amy Nix Brings Project Angel Wing to NYC

Angels. Sometimes they are your best friend, your mother, a neighbor, or perhaps someone you’ve never met. Amy Nix, Founder & Designer of nix&stones, is an angel in her own right, as an advocate for victims of domestic violence. She has turned her passion into a means of empowering women who have suffered from domestic abuse.

As a career stylist for Elle Magazine, Nix found her true calling and began designing her own jewelry line in 2007. Her recent trunk show at The Plaza Hotel – Plaza Beauty New York, NY unveiled her new spring collection which has received rave reviews. The creations designed by Nix are quite compelling, and just as beautiful as her good deeds. She creates pieces that are glamorous, sophisticated, and unique. “I have always been attracted to jewelry, color, crystals and gemstones. I love the way the colors can impact a person’s mood and emotions, and how a piece of jewelry can change any outfit” explains Nix. Celebs such as Jennifer Nettles of Country Duo Sugarland, and Melissa Peterman of Fargo, have been spotted wearing her creations. Nix is using her popularity in the media to address a much needed issue in our country, and give a voice to those who are unable to speak.

Nix spearheads Project Angel Wing to raise awareness, educate, and prevent violent crimes against women. The “Domestic Violence

Amy Nix

Angel Wings” hit the market in 2009. Ever since, Nix has pledged 25% of the proceeds from these wings to domestic violence shelters of NYC and her hometown of Kansas City. Her contributions directly improve the lives of women and children affected by this crime. This is a necklace you will want to snag for yourself, or better yet give to a loved one. The stunning wings are customizable, available in gold or silver, and are studded with your color choice of Swarovski crystals. When you purchase this memorable and affordable necklace (running about $88.00 each), you are supporting those in need, and can wear it proudly as a reminder of your contribution to the cause.

Nix got candid with me in our recent interview stating, “I am passionate in my fight against domestic violence for many reasons. First, and I don’t want to put my experiences on par with what I have seen at shelters, but I have been in an abusive relationship. It affected my life greatly, and negatively impacted my relationships with others. I also have others in my personal life who have experienced similar issues. Second, I have come to learn this crime can affect anyone regardless of their economic status, race, gender and age. Finally, I want to make sure young people, especially my own children, understand this crime so they can prevent it occurring to them and others.”

She is doing just that by not only donating to the cause, but being quite active in her pursuit through educating. She has established a work program at the Newhouse shelter in her hometown to promote healing & growth. She currently is in talks with Safe Horizon, a shelter in NYC, to start a similar work program that teaches women how to make jewelry, and compensates them for their efforts. Their pieces are featured on the nix&stones website and are sold in boutiques across the country, giving them a much needed source of income and a sense of hope. Nix explains, “I am impressed with so many of the women I meet because they are eager to change their situation and succeed. There is so much talent that is hidden or blocked by their circumstances. I love seeing them reach their potential and watching them grow. But sometimes, just to give them an hour to make jewelry helps to distract them from their problems.”

Nix reveals “One of my proudest accomplishments is having helped a victim become so interested in designing jewelry that she has started her own business. I also have built a friendship with her, and am also collaborating with her on my Domestic Violence Angel Wing program!” Nix shared with me how she is also moved by the individuals who work at the shelters. She explains, “I have met some incredibly strong women in the shelters I have visited. Not only the ones who are living there, but also the women who work at the shelters. It takes a very strong person to emotionally invest yourself in the life of a person who is struggling.”

In May 2011, Safe Horizon’s Annual Gala will feature a donation package from Nix that includes a jewelry workshop and supplies to support ten individuals, available through their silent auction. One of the pieces created by the group will also be auctioned off at a later date. Her innovative approach, combined with diligence, and dedication to the cause has truly made Nix an inspiration to so many women.

nix&stones is available at :

The Plaza Beauty
One West 58th Street
New York, NY 10019
Ph. 212-223-4694

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