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Christine Louie has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for over twenty years. Since graduating from UCLA in 2008, she has traveled to over 22 countries, providing humanitarian aid to 11 of these. Christine is a freelance writer, public speaker, and an advocate for underprivileged communities. Her passion for exploration and commitment to excellence drives her obsessive investigation of the best restaurants, hot spots, and creative events throughout the city. She loves San Francisco not only because it is a hub for self-expression through fashion, but also because it is a city that offers numerous outlets for generosity through volunteer opportunities.

Breathtaking Views of San Francisco: Mount Davidson and Treasure Island

I’m a treasure hunter –not in the sense of finding a buried chest of gold, but in discovering getaways that are neighborhood gems. Ironically, Treasure Island is one of my “treasured” places. Treasure Island is an artificial island that was created in 1936 and is home to over 2,000 residents. Many acclaimed movies have been filmed on the island including Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

While tourists are shelling out their money for crowded publicized attractions, I’m relishing the cool, refreshing ocean breeze on the edge of

Aerial of Treasure Island (Photo Credit: OldBlueJacket.com)

the island for free. Treasure Island offers a beautiful panoramic view of the city including the Bay Bridge, high rise buildings, and the vast ocean. In the evening, the city lights look like fireflies in the backdrop of a gorgeous black sky. Treasure Island has been and continues to be a tranquil escape from a busy life, a romantic spot to impress a special date, and a captivating site for bridal, prom, and family photos.

Mount Davidson (Photo Credit: Chuck B.)

Another treasure of San Francisco is Mount Davidson, which is 938 feet above sea level and is the highest natural point in San Francisco. Not only have I enjoyed its unrivaled view of San Francisco at sunrise and sunset, but I love hiking through the trails that weave through the majestic eucalyptus forest. Like Treasure Island, Mount Davidson offers a calm, quiet environment free from tourists and large crowds. Mount Davidson is also the site of a cross measuring 103 feet, which stands to commemorate the 1.5 million Armenian victims of the 1915 Armenian genocide. The cross is illuminated on the Easter sunrise service and Armenian Martyrs’ Day on April 24th as a reminder against future violence. Mount Davidson is great to visit to get some exercise, to appreciate picturesque views, and to reflect and relax.

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