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Emilia Varshavsky grew up in the Bay Area and made the move to San Francisco a year ago. She studied English and International Relations at the University of California, Davis and currently works as an IT communications associate for an internet company. Emilia enjoys side-projects in writing and editing to get her creativity flowing and loves exploring the city by foot, finding new bars, restaurants and dance spots. Emilia is also an avid crafter and has recently taken up Bikram yoga.

House of Air: Trampoline Wonderland in the Presidio

We did a lot of jumping in elementary school: hopscotch, jump rope, “don’t step on the crack” games. But nowadays, the only jumping I ever do is between projects at work or between Gchat conversations. And too bad, because physical jumping is an amazing form of exercise, especially when you add a room full of trampolines for that extra bit of air.

House of Air trampolines

Image from houseofair.com

A few weeks ago, a friend organized a group trip to House of Air, the trampoline wonderland in the Presidio. You can choose one hour ($14) or two ($24), and all sessions come with a shoe rental. The shoes, a requirement, are reminiscent of the ones I saw the wrestlers wear in college. You’ll definitely want to bring socks, or have to buy a pair there. As for attire, gym clothes are far more appropriate than designer denim.

Your session begins with a quick safety lecture: no jumping on the mats between the trampolines, no jumping on people, etc. But then, the fun can really begin.

After a few tries, I mastered the art of the sit-jump (cross your arms in front of your chair for extra air) and engaged in amusing mid-air games of patty-cake. Some of my more adventurous friends attempted to literally bounce off the walls, but I stuck to the basics. Even so, about forty minutes into our session I had to take a breather.

House of Air is an excellent way to gather your friends for an activity out of the ordinary. Come prepared to sweat, and don’t be too surprised if you’re sore in the morning!

House of Air
926 Mason Street
San Francisco, CA 94129
Ph. 415-345-9675

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