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Parent Groups in NYC

Foster new relationships by joining a parent group in NYC. (Image Credit: ourmommyhood.com)

When I first became a new parent I didn’t realize how daunting it would be to not have any parent friends. I really didn’t know anyone that had babies – meaning no one to talk about constant diapers, exhaustion or breast feeding – among other exciting day-in-the-life of a mom moments/frustrations. I searched for parent groups in my neighborhood and finally stumbled upon a group that meet in my neighborhood when my daughter was almost eight months old. We would meet for coffee or at a sing-along or at the park. Some relationships developed further and was able to join a babysitting coop as well as a pre-school coop that my daughter has been at since she was 18 months old. Now that my daughter is three and I’m back to work, I don’t see many members anymore but I am so grateful to have found this group during my daughter’s early years. Not only for myself but for her development as well as I started building social skills by checking out events and classes with other babies. And for new parents in NYC you will be surprised to find so many groups and even if you don’t find what you are looking you can always start your own on Meetup.com or post an email through your community’s message board.

Park Slope Parents has a huge list of parent groups in Brooklyn. Check out their handy guide for groups in your neighborhood as well as specialty groups such as parents of twins, parents of adopted kids and single parents.

Astoria Moms Meetup Group
The group has an attendance and hosting policy where all members have to attend one event per month and have to help organize two outings/events per year.  There is also a small fee to join. To join, http://www.meetup.com/asahmgroup/

Queens Mamas – A site devoted to exploring Queens with your children, Queens Mamas is the ultimate resource for events, listings of baby/toddler groups and a forum to discuss anything from daycare to how to deal with the terrible twos. To learn more, please visit: http://www.queensmamas.com/

NYC Baby Buddies in Chelsea,
This collaborative playgroup for babies 6 to 12 months meets in Chelsea or the surrounding neighborhoods. The meetups are held at the hosts apartment but the organizer mentions that this will expand to outings as they babies get older. To Join, http://www.meetup.com/NYC-Baby-Buddies/

Treehouse Playgroups – A play space in Chelsea that has a baby playgroup on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 1-3pm and a toddler playgroup every Wednesday from 11a-12p for children 2 to 3 years old. To Join, http://www.meetup.com/citytreehouse/

The New York Mums Baby and Toddler Sign Language Group – Since most babies don’t develop speech until about year old some experts suggest teaching babies signing as a way to communicate. The group meets at excursions as well as various peoples homes. To Join, http://www.meetup.com/NewYork-BabySignLanguage-Group/

NYC Gym Kids – It’s no doubt that kids are active – even babies love to tumble around. This meet up group, designed for children 8 months – 4 years old, focuses on climbing, sliding, jumping, running, swinging and singing. To Join, http://www.meetup.com/NYC-Gym-Kids-baby-gymnastics/

The Hell’s Kitchen Babies and Toddler Group – Group designed for parents and babies that live in Hell’s Kitchen. Outings such as swimming and venturing to local parks are in the works. To Join, http://www.meetup.com/The-Hells-Kitchen-Baby-Playgroup/

Upper East Side Mothers, Babies and Toddlers – A group for babies to toddlers two years old where moms can participate in different events, and discuss different kids-and-not kids-related things. We want to know you better,  share what we have learned about motherhood, and have our babies playing together. We want to keep this group dynamic and interactive, and your participation and initiative is a key for this. To Join, http://www.meetup.com/Upper-East-Side-Mothers-and-Babies/

NYC Dads Group – Recently featured in Time Out New York, this group of 305 fathers meets throughout the city for playground tours, baby gym classes to field trips. To Join, nycdadsgroup.com.

First Time Upper West Side Moms – Not an organized group for playdates, this group also extensive message boards where moms can chat about issues with sleeping, baby food and where to find the best strollers. strollers for city streets and the best local spots to host a birthday party. To Join, http://www.meetup.com/upper-west-side-moms/

Hudson River Park Mothers Group – The  Hudson River Park Mothers Group has more than 1,600 members who get together for outings and playgroups. Members also are a part of a message board and can participate in fun non-kid events like moms night out and book clubs. To Join, http://hrpmamas.com/

Sing & Sign with Baby & Mommy on the Upper West Side, NYC  – Sing and Sign with Baby and Mommy on the Upper West Side, NYC is for moms and babies or toddlers who would like to come to discounted music and Baby Sign Language classes all over the Upper West Side (UWS) in New York City. Class locations spread across the entire Upper West Side (UWS) from the 50’s to 100th Street and are welcome to all moms and babies at any signing level! This “musical playdate” will have baby-friendly instruments, props, movement activities, & full-band background track music for both moms and infants, babies, and toddlers. The music is a unique blend of fun kids music that everyone loves and enjoys mixed with many educational original Baby Grand Orchestra children’s songs. To Join, http://www.meetup.com/Sing-and-Sign-with-Baby/

Upper West Side Jewish Moms & Babies (Hebrew Sing & Sign)  – We are a group of young, energetic Jewish moms who want to meet other Jewish moms with infants, babies and/or toddlers up to 4 years old on the Upper West Side ( UWS ) of New York City (all moms living in New York City / NYC or surrounding areas are also welcome). This group will give you a way to network within the Jewish community on the Upper West Side and find fun events and activities (ie-Jewish Mommy and Me music and Baby Sign Language classes called Sing and Sign Spiritually with Simcha (www.SingSignSimcha.com), fun Jewish family events, find fun Shabbat related activities such as Shabbat Shira & Tot Shabbat, etc…. to do with other Upper West Side Jewish moms. To Join, http://www.meetup.com/Upper-West-Side-Jewish-Moms/



The Bronx New Mommies Group, IncStarted in 2002, this parent group offers numerous activities and events for new parents. They also feature evening and weekend events for parents such as a moms night out. To Join, http://www.bronx-new-mommies-group.org/

Uptown Tots – Creator Nicole Perrino started Bronx Mama as a way to connect parents and discover cool events throughout the borough. This includes events listings and meet-ups in the Bronx and throughout the city. To Join, http://bronxmama.com/uptown-tots/

Staten Island
Staten Island Parent – Not exactly a group but an extensive resource where you can find events, classes and articles about family life in Staten Island. To learn more, please visit: http://www.siparent.com/07oct/familyfunactivities.html

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