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Norman Love Confections Make Valentine’s Day Even Sweeter!

Although I don’t particularly love chocolate and rarely seek it out (I am definitely more of a Twizzlers or Haribo gummy bears gal), I wouldn’t say that I mind it either.  On the rare occasion that I am going to buy it, it’s definitely going to be Godiva.  I’ve always sent Godiva to my mother for Valentine’s Day,  and I’m game for at least window shopping – and taste testing if even the slightest bit pushed – at the Godiva store at Lenox Mall in Buckhead.

Although I am no connosieur, Godiva has been my standard for chocolate for many years.  That is, until a thoughtful chocoholic colleague at the Ritz Carlton Downtown sent me a box of chocolates from Norman Love Confections.

I’m not kidding when I say that I seriously became Augustus Gloop from Willy Wonka + The Chocolate Factory.

Sexy, I know… “Oompa loompa doompadee doo!”

Well, as it turns out, I LOVE chocolate!  Although, I’m pretty sure it’s only Norman Love that I truly love…  (This will probably require further – extensive – research.)

For me, the Norman Love experience is highly sensory from beginning to end.  Just look how adorable the box is!  The box!

When I curiously ripped off the lime green cover, I was shocked at how brilliantly colorful each piece of chocolate was – and how delicious they appeared to me!  They look like mini pieces of Venetian glass.  I carefully studied the accompanying guide to correctly identify the impressive array of flavors…and I went to town.

Norman Love really knows what he’s doing.  His chocolates and truffles are absolutely divine!  It is very difficult for me to choose, but if pressed, I’d say that these are my top five favorite flavors:

Vanilla Cupcake– Sweet cream and vanilla frosting ganache mixed with tiny cake pieces in a perfect little bite.

Key Lime Shell – Classic and simple, made with fresh key lime juice and the feeling of a little Florida sunshine with each bite.

Caramel Apple– Peanut butter caramel ganache is the perfect enhancement to fresh tart apples covered in a white chocolate shell.

Cinnamon Roll – Buttery cinnamon swirled with pure sugar icing in white chocolate ganache – casted in milk chocolate.

Cookies ‘n’ Cream – The fine dark chocolate crunch and smooth white filling you’d expect from this all-time favorite treat.

Norman Loves Naples (FL) Store

If you are a serious chocoholic, need to send a sweet Valentine’s Day gift or just want to make someone’s day with a gorgeous and equally delicious box of chocolates, I strongly encourage you to step away from the usual and send Norman Love Confections.  Keep in mind that these chocolates do not contain preservatives, so they are best enjoyed within three weeks.  (Or you could follow my lead and eat them all almost immediately…)

Norman Loves Chocolate Heart

This Valentine’s Day, you absolutely must check out Norman Love ConfectionsC’est Magnifique!

Norman Love Confections
11380 Lindbergh Boulevard
Fort Myers, Florida  33913

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