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Kristy Emery is graduated with a degree in Marketing and Management from Penn State University, and has always had an appreciation for beautiful things. She became a licensed aesthetician to combine her passions for skincare and makeup with her love of business, and is now an account manager for a luxury cosmetic company. In her current position she motivates, inspires, and teaches women how to maximize their potential. In addition to skincare and makeup, Kristy has partnered with her sister to create Orgotton, a women's clothing and accessory line made from organic and sustainable materials.

Brow Mapping

“Have you ever been brow mapped?”

I cocked my head to the side and quizzically stared at the girl in the cute, frilly apron who had just asked the question. “Brow mapped? What is that?”

After introducing herself as Trish, the Arch Expert at the Benefit Brow Bar within Ulta in Horsham, Pa, she explained that she could show me the perfect brow for my face by “mapping” it out specifically to my features.  Now I was interested!

Trish sits me down at the Benefit Brow Bar which includes two long pink bars with white counter tops and a wall installation filled with products and topped with pictures of Benefit’s “It” girls.

Holding a thin waxing stick straight up and down, Trish lines up the inner corner of my nose with the inner corner of my eye stating this is where my eyebrow should start. She then makes a mark with Benefit’s signature product, Brow Zings, a wax and powder combination for your brows where the wax keeps the hairs in place and the powder fills in any sparseness to create a very natural looking brow.  She then holds the wax stick horizontally from the outside corner of my nose through the outer corner of my pupil and makes another mark, explaining this is where my arch should be. Finally, she lines up the outer corner of my nose with the outer corner of my eye to make her final mark where my eyebrow should end. Using skillful little strokes with the Brow Zings Trish works her magic to create my new and improved “Benefit Brow”.

I highly recommend stopping in to see Trish, or any Arch Expert at your local Ulta, to get your brows mapped so you too can experience and and see what the perfect brow is for your face.

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