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Engagement Party Etiquette

Since I’ve gotten engaged I have received a breadth of questions about wedding etiquette, mostly revolving around our engagement party. After research, polls, and experience I’ve found some important etiquette to share with other brides to be or party invitees. Wed-etiquette applies not only to the happy couple but to their guests as well.
For the bride and groom…
1. Only invite those people you know will be invited to your wedding, otherwise people assume they’re on the guest list and get their feelings hurt later on.
2. Make sure to give credit where credit is due. Even if you are receiving the RSVPs for your party make sure to mention on the invitation who the host is.
3. Registries (at least one) must be up and running prior to sending out your invites so your inner circle can tell guests where to search for gifts.
4. During the party you must take the time to speak with each guest just as you will at your wedding. It’s frankly tacky to not see the guests of honor at a party.
5. Thank you cards – whether you decide on paper or electronic form they are a must. Make sure to thank friends and family who spend the time celebrating with you.
For the guests…
6. As with any party, don’t be a dead beat guest and force the host to call and follow up on the invite, répondez s’il vous plaît.
7. If attire is not mentioned on the card then go by the rule of: if at someone’s home go with business casual/dressy depending on the couple and if elsewhere dress appropriately for the venue.
8. Gifts are not required. This doesn’t mean you need to purchase nine of the eighteen wished for place settings but do not show up empty handed. A gift card or a bottle of wine will work just fine.
9. Yes, you should make the extra effort to go. Couples usually only invite their closest family and friends to their engagement party, try to be there to celebrate with them.

For both… 10. It may be a party but that does not mean you’re there to party down. An engagement party is the type of environment to mingle, converse, and enjoy the company of others not to get drunk and rowdy no matter the venue.

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