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Holli Thompson is a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach. She has trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City , accredited by SUNY Purchase College, and is also certified by Cornell University. Holli is a Raw Food Chef, has attended the Natural Gourmet Cooking School and is skilled in the art of healthy gourmet cooking.

When she’s not working with clients and traveling to New York for her wellness events, Holli enjoys life on her Virginia farm and vineyard with her husband of over fifteen years and her son, age 9.

Vitamin C Gazpacho

Autumn brings so many beautiful and wonderful things to see and do, but unfortunately it often brings an unwelcome guest- The Common Cold. It appears like clockwork; sniffles, scratchy throats, and headaches and before you know it you’re miserable.
This recipe is loaded with Vitamin C, and many of my clients crave it when they feel the slightest sniffle. I like to make it and enjoy it all day long if I start to feel something coming on.
It’s super simple to make!

Pineapple-Cucumber Gazpacho
4 cups fresh pineapple, cut into pieces
4 cups cucumber, cut into pieces
5 scallions
2 tbsp lime juice
2 tsp celtic salt
1 handful cilantro
3 tbsp avocado oil
1 1/2 cup raw almonds-ground
Add all above ingredients to high speed blender and blend.
(Be sure to grind the almonds first.)
Garnish with cilantro, scallions, chopped tomato and drizzle with avocado oil to serve.

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