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Color-Coded Spaces, Smiling Faces!

When it comes to organizing by color, nobody has better ideas than our Color-Coded organizing experts! Below are a few ways to organize your spaces by color.

color-coded wires, color-coded cords, color-coded cables

Use color-coded cable IDs to identify which cable belongs to what electronic.

Cables & Cords – When you have a plethora of cables and cords, it’s nearly impossible to tell which plug belongs to what electronic. An easy solution to this complex problem is attaching color-coded cable IDs to the bottom of each cable. Assign each cord a different color. For example, use blue for the speaker cables and green for audio/video cords. Label each cable ID accordingly with an ultra fine dry-erase marker. This color-coded system will solve your cable problems instantly and prevent future frustrations when looking to unplug the correct cord.

Binders – If you’re not a fan of filing (have you tried this?), try storing documents in color-coded binders (over 10 colors available). For example, store tax documents in blue binders while financial documents should be stored in green binders. Use numbered/lettered dividers to organize documents within each binder. Group binders on the shelf by color. Color-coding your binders makes it easy to locate the exact document you are looking for.

Closet MarkersCloset markers are a fabulous addition to any organized closet. Unfortunately, closet markers only come in plain white. How boring! Instead, try making your own color-coded closet markers using foam door hangers found at most craft stores. Assign different colored closet markers to each section of the closet. For example, use a purple closet marker for dresses while using pink for skirts. Cut each foam door hanger to fit the rod in your closet. Decorate and label using your creativity and viola – you now have color-coded closet markers (did we mention they are Eco-friendly?). To be super-duper organized, match the color-coded closet markers with color-coded hanger snaps!

color-coded books, color-coded bookshelves, color-coded rooms, color-coded spaces

Organize books by color to add instant color to any space. Photo Credit: www.ColourLovers.com

Books – Here at Color-Coded Organizing, we are all about functional organizing systems. When organizing books, we typically organize by author, genre, or by size. However, on occasion, we’ll get creative and organize books by the color of the spine (creative, huh?). Organizing books by color gives a unique look to any space (especially if your collection contains each color of the rainbow). When color-coding your books, group books by shades and hues of each color. Arrange colors according to your style and liking.

Toys – Toys can get chaotic. To avoid the chaos, try color-coding your child’s boxes and baskets of toys. After sorting and organizing the contents of the playroom, attach color-coded dot stickers to each bin or box. Use a different color for each container. For example, use a pink dot sticker for barbie accessories and a blue dot sticker for play food. Attach the same color dot sticker to the shelf where it belongs. When putting the toys back on the shelf, simply match the colored dot sticker on the bin to the colored dot sticker on the shelf. Color-coding your child’s toys is an easy way to encourage organization in the household.

Doesn’t your life deserve a little color? Always remember organizing commandment #6, thou shall always color-code!

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