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Goodbye Bathroom Clutter!

Getting ready for work in the morning shouldn’t be as frustrating as the photo to our right. Bathroom cabinets can sometimes be a catch-all for cleaning supplies and/or cosmetics. Pictured to the right is a bathroom vanity with no order to the madness. Here are the things we found wrong in this picture:

Before (click on the image for a larger view)

  • Bathroom, hair and cleaning products have been tossed wherever space was found.
  • Products were not categorized by type.
  • Wasted vertical space exists above the storage basket.
  • Items in the back of the cabinet were difficult to access thereby making them frustrating to use.
  • Wasted space exists on the interior cabinet door.

Thankfully Color-Coded came in and cleared the clutter! After a few hours of sorting, purging and organizing here are some of things we fixed in this space:

After (click on the image for a larger view)

  • Installed pull-out drawers under the sink to make finding and accessing items simple and easy. The pull-out drawers have been mounted to the bottom of the cabinet using a drill and screwdriver to ensure both the track and drawer stay in place.
  • Labeled the drawer to only include the items that belong in that space.
  • Added hooks to the interior cabinet and door to maximize our hard to see vertical space. The hooks shown to the right are hung using adhesive strips which are removable without damaging most surfaces.
  • Sorted all of the miscellaneous products into categories (e.g., cleaning supplies, bathroom products, hair products, etc) After all items were sorted into categories, we assigned each group a new home in the cabinet or outside the bathroom if it didn’t belong.

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