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Secrets Behind Kitchen Cabinet Doors!

Organized Pots and Pans

Here at Color-Coded Organizing, we’re all about efficiency and things that make you go “Whoa, I never would have thought of that!” Below are a few of the kitchen tricks we have up our sleeve. Are there any neat kitchen ideas you love to do? We’d love to hear! Email your tricks and ideas to clientservice@color-coded.net and you can be featured on our next blog!

Vertical Shelf Dividers (click on the image for a larger view)

If you’re easily frustrated every time you need a baking sheet, cutting board or cupcake pan, see our photo to the right. Our organizers installed four shelf dividers in the lower kitchen cabinet. Not only does this save TONS of space, but it saves you frustration next time you need to reach a baking sheet on the bottom of the stack. Look difficult to install? It’s actually very easy – all you need is a drill and a phillips-head screwdriver! We think baking should be fun not stressful.

Goodbye Fridge Clutter (click on the image for a larger view)

Magnetic Cabinets Sheet Metal in Cabinets

Here at Color-Coded, we strongly dislike ‘Fridge Clutter’. By definition, fridge clutter means out-of-date sticky notes, expired coupons, past invitations and holiday photos from last season all hanging on the fridge by a free cheap magnet from the local pizzeria. Sound familiar? Instead, try hanging sheet metal to the interior of your kitchen cabinets. Sheet metal is magnetic and can hold all of your favorite magnets and sticky notes all while being hidden behind the closed cabinet door. Sounds complicated? All you need is a drill and screwdriver (and of course screws!). If you’re weary of drilling holes into the kitchen cabinets, try using 3M adhesive strips that are removable without damaging most surfaces. Most 3M adhesive strips can hold up to 10 pounds. Sheet metal can be purchased at most hardware stores in your area. Not interested in sheet metal but love our idea? Try adding magnetic paint to the interior of your kitchen cabinets. Magnetic paint (while not as durable as sheet metal) can hold all of your favorite magnets and important sticky notes.

Instant Double Shelf (click on the image for a larger view)

Organized Kitchen Cabinet

When space is limited in the kitchen, it’s time to get creative. Adding a double shelf in your kitchen cabinet allows you to stack plates on top of plates (bowls on top of bowls or serving dishes on top of serving dishes) without the hassle of removing the bottom stack. Double shelves can be purchased in various sizes (small, medium or large), shapes (cabinet corner or rectangular) and colors (silver or white) to meet your needs in your kitchen cabinets. They are also available in expandable sizes so you can easily change the design later down the road.

The Sliding Utensil Holder (click on the image for a larger view)

Organized Kitchen Drawer

Nothing is more annoying than a utensil holder that slides back when the kitchen drawer is pulled open. Does this ever happen to you in your kitchen? If so, let Color-Coded prevent you from life’s simple frustrations! We’ll figure out a way to perfectly organize all of your kitchen drawers. Shown to the right are stainless steel utensils in one section, kitchen gadgets in the next section and cutlery in the last section. Items stay in their place with spring loaded drawer dividers. Need a label in each section? We’ll label anything and everything in any and every color, just ask your Color-Coded Organizer!

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