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Lauryn Prattes is an Atlanta native, and soon to be DC transplant, who, although does not consider herself a southern belle by Georgia standards, has realized her southern roots after spending extended time in the nations Capitol. After graduating from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Public Relations, she has put that degree to work by starting her own personal fashion styling company, The Style Maison. She puts an emphasis on STYLE as opposed to fashion, incorporating trends that make her clients look their best, not always what is high fashion. In a surprising twist, Lauryn has found herself consistently thrown into the wedding industry, where she has become not only comfortable, but passionate about weddings and events.

Serving Ware for the Chic Hostess

When it comes to great entertaining, presentation is everything. The modern dinner party has changed from a formal sit down dinner to a casual affair consisting of small bites. When it comes to what to cook, everything goes – from mini mac & cheese to more gourmet tapas it doesn’t matter how fancy the food is as long as it is presented well.

Working in the event industry I have picked up some creative tips along the way from trendy caterers and hip hostesses. With some creative serving pieces you can make even a slider and french fries look like something straight of the pages of Martha Stewart. Here are some of my favorite ways to serve up even the simplest food.

Pier 1 has a new line of amazing and inexpensive serving dishes to re-create the perfect tasting party at home (and some great recipes too!)

Mini bowls make the perfect container to serve ceviche, salsa and cold soups such as gazpacho.

These mini cordials come with their own spoons, making them perfect for parfaits.

Serve a little Amuse Bouche on these spoons and you will have our guests thinking you are the next Iron Chef.

Sample Martini’s in these cute mini martini glasses, or use them to hold things like a slider or caprese salad. You can use the tray to hold the martini glasses, or find another creative use for it.

I love the creative use of the sampler tray to hold skewers, or us the cups to hold ketchup with french fries sticking out the top.

Another great place to find inexpensive pieces is IKEA – with a little creativity you can turn even a candle holder into a great way to present small bites.

Tea Light Holder

A tea light holder makes the perfect vessel for dipping sauces. Choose a long holder such as this one for a variety of sauces to be displayed, or individual holders that guests can pick up and take with them.

Expresso Mug

These tiny expresso cups are perfect for a small cup of coffee. Skewer a mini doughnut and lay it across the top for a fancy take on coffee and a doughnut.


Mirrors make elegant serving trays. Choose a smaller square or round mirror to display crudites, or use a long one such as this one for an unexpected table runner.

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