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Review of Reckless by Anne Stuart

Reckless by Anne Stuart is the second of a deliciously decadent trilogy called The Wicked House of Rohan.  With first site of the luscious cover art, I had high hopes for this darkly sensual series.  Book One, Ruthless did not disappoint and now with Reckless, I found that I had a perfectly entertaining reading companion for the last long days of summer.  Reckless picks up with the son Ruthless’ Francis and Eleanor.  With pleasure, I started in on the galley of Reckless.

In this tale, we meet Charlotte Spencer, a somewhat bookish miss that is curious and fascinated by a life that is not her own.  At the start of this story, we find her learning the common vernacular from her maid and friend, Meggie.  We also get a glimpse into her desire for companionship and a vague sense of loneliness that plagues her and drives her scientific excavations of human interaction.  She is living life as an observer, watching and recording, but lacking in interpersonal activity.  At the ripe old age of 30, Charlotte believes she is firmly on the shelf and has resigned herself to a spectator’s life and living almost vicariously through her insanely beautiful, thankfully widowed cousin, Lina, Lady Whitmore.  It is comes as no surprise that she has a lusty crush on the fabulous form of Lord Adrian, of the House of Rohan.

With his dark, good looks, sleepy bedroom eyes and a scintillating reputation as master seducer, a hot-blooded woman would be hard pressed not to adore that ripe maleness.  Charlotte is no exception, but to her displeasure and disbelief, Adrian is fascinated and the chase has begun.  The banter, both verbal and sexual, between the proud, unrepentant Adrian and innocently scientific Charlotte is vivid, spark-filled and slightly snarky.  Watching them come together is a treat that had me turning page after glorious electronic page.   In this installment, we get more peeks into the lush decadence of the Heavenly Host, that secret society of pleasure-seeking hedonists.  We get to see the side effects of over-indulgence and the deliciousness of sweetly satisfying happily ever after.  Ripe with sensuality, familial conflict and hefty dose of intrigue, Stuarts crafts a read that easily devoured.

Though Reckless is perfectly able to hold its own as a stand-alone, treat yourself well by starting with the FREE prequel, The Wicked House of Rohan (available for download at www.eharlequin.com) and Ruthless, the story of Francis and Eleanor, July 2010.  The final installment, Breathless, comes out September 2010.  For more from Anne Stuart, and to read her highly enjoyable blog, visit her site at www.annestuart.com

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