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7 Organizing Tricks to Learn Before You Kick the Bucket

Many of us have unique tricks we keep up our sleeve, such as how to cook the perfect omelette or keeping a house smelling fresh. Did you know these tricks exist in the organizing world too? Below are 7 simple organizing secrets to learn before you kick the bucket.

1. Fitted Sheets– Do you remember the one time your mom taught you how to fold a fitted sheet correctly? Probably not. Many of us simply roll it up and store it in the closet. However, this method takes up wasted space and is obviously not very neat. This video offers a great solution to linen closet clutter caused by bulky fitted sheets.

Hanging Utensils

2. Pots, Pans, and Utensils– It can be very difficult to keep pots and pans organized, especially with small kitchens and active cooks. When possible, utilize your vertical space with pot racks such as these from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Are your utensils just as cluttered as your pots? Try this beautiful and creative way to hang your frequently used utensils. Choose a small part of the wall separate from other spaces in your kitchen. Paint the wall a bold color. Nail some small pegs on the wall and outline the utensils you plan to hang. This is important so that you can return the utensils to the correct spot. Use utensils that are clean and complement each other in color.

3. Sealing a Bag of Chips- Have you ever tried to seal a bag of chips to keep them fresh and realize all of your bag clips are already used? Check out this amazing and easy way to seal a bag without any clips in sight.

4. The Mismatched Sock- Do you ever do laundry and end up with an odd number of socks? Sock rings, found at the Container Store, are a great tool for keeping pairs together in the laundry machine. Say good-bye to that mismatched sock!

5. Counter-Coil Cords- Household cords are usually stored in a drawer or closet, commonly referred to as the “spaghetti drawer”, a nickname attributed to its tangled contents. Learn how to coil cords correctly so that they stay together untangled, without straining or ruining the inside of your cords.

Use Space Under the Sink

6. Odd Shaped Bathroom Products- It can be frustrating to deal with bathroom clutter as we go through our morning routine. Try using a clear shoe organizer that hangs on the back of the bathroom door for storing your odd-shaped bathroom products such as, your blow-dryer, hair brushes, and hair-straightener. Each of the pockets is large enough to fit your necessities in an easily accessible manner.

7. Getting Around the Pipes Under the Sink– Do you feel like there is never enough space under the sink cabinet because of those bulky drain pipes? We’ve got the perfect organizing solution for you! Meet the customizable under the sink organizer that fits around the annoying drain pipes. Brilliant! Using this organizer allows you to utilize every inch of free space under the sink.

What innovative organizing secrets are you hiding?

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