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Letter From Howard Cromwell, Publisher of “DC’s Most Fabulous Magazine”

Howard Cromwell, Publisher of DC's Most Fabulous Magazine

Response to my post Real Housewives of DC “Premier Party”: More Salahi Charity Fraud:

Alrighty Miss A,

We get it already.  For whatever reason you have a dislike for the Salahis and will continue to attempt to tarnish their name.  Have you even met them?

However, when you come after those associated with them you really should do your fact checking vs. spewing negative and incorrect information.

The name of our publication, DC’s MOST FABULOUS Magazine NOT about being a fab magazine.  Had you done your research you would have gotten that the meaning of what we consider what’s being DC’s MOST FABULOUS;  specifically:    We believe that being FABULOUS is less about wealth, celebrity or social status and more about utilizing these attributes to support a local, national or international social issue.

Our publication, launched on 4/2008 strives to merge charity, philanthropy, non profits, voluntarism with nightlife & entertainment, fashion & style, arts & culture, restaurant & dining  and trendsetting toast makers in DC.

I have personally been a staple on DC’s charity circuit for the last 7+ years, hosting, producing & highlighting philanthropic activities in DC.  It would be hard to believe that if your readers are truly “fabulous” that they don’t know who I am.

About the charity:

For the last 3 years I’ve been sponsoring a bi-annual congressional wine tasting for the ADAP Advocacy Association (http://adapadvocacyassociation.org/ which you’ll probably call a “fraud” as well).  During my work with this organization, I had the pleasure of meeting the founder of DAB the AIDS Bear Project.  He’s been asking me to be an ambassador for the project for at least 2 years.  He reached out to me again for our Housewives event and asked that I take photos of the Housewives with the teddy bear, which is one of the major ways the organization spreads awareness – have the bear photographed with celebrities.

After doing research on the organization, I, not the Salahis, made a decision to donate a portion of the proceeds to the DAB the AIDS Brear Project.  This event did not start out as a charity event or a ploy to sell tickets.  There was a large number of tickets sold already when I made this decision, therefore I had nothing to gain.  The reason I decided to donate to this organization is because this organization does not compete with other AIDS Health Organizations for federal grant money.  They instead, only rely on personal & corporate donations.

This IS NOT a Salahi event.  We (my organization) are producing, financing and promoting this event.  While we are, and have been, working with NBC Universal and the Bravo Network they are not financing this event, as they NEVER do. However, they are giving us there promotional support.

We asked Michaele Salahi to be our Official Housewife Host for this event and we are honored that she agreed.  That’s the extent of the Salahi involvement with this event.  They ARE NOT getting paid for this appearance nor are they getting any portion of the ticket sells.  They have several engagements that evening and we are ecstatic that we are one of the events they agreed to support.

In the future, before attempting to tarnish someone’s good name and reputation with your hate, negative antics, comments and lack of professional research, I really wish you would pick up a phone or send an email before posting non truths like this.

Feel free to contact me DIRECTLY with ANY questions.

My contact info can be found at www.dcmsostfabuous.com and click on the contact tab.


First let me commend you for the values behind your magazine. I think that’s great. The event on the Hill sounds good, as ADAP Advocacy Association is a nonprofit organization, however the organization you are raising money for –DAB the AIDS Bear Project — is not. Just because you meet someone in a legitimate situation, does not mean they and their businesses are legitimate. People like the Salahis, and perhaps the founder of DAB the AIDS Bear Project take advantage of people who make this mistake. This is why they wear the fake Patek Phillipe watch, ride around in stretch limos, etc. All this lends them an air of legitimacy that they don’t deserve. Perhaps, it is you who needs to do some further research on the organization and the Salahis.

I understand that with Bravo/NBC Universal’s contract with the Salahis, you would be foolish to admit publicly that you are hosting this for them, and that they are deriving some profit from it. Michaele, or Missy’s own website states that the event is being co-sponsored by the infamous America’s Cup of Polo, so maybe it’s America’s Cup of Polo which is benefiting financially.  Knowing them as I do, I have my suspicions that they are indeed profiting somehow someway.

By the way, the Salahis don’t need my help tarnishing their name. I didn’t like the Salahis when they were in good social standing, as I had first hand experience with them and unlike others could see right through them.

Thank you for your message and good luck with the Salahis!

– Miss A

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