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Denise Willard has over a decade of experience transforming the homes of clients in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Northern Virginia. Her work has been showcased on ABC Affiliate, News Channel 8 and published in The Washington Post, Home and Design Magazine, Washington Home & Garden, The Washingtonian, and Elan. She writes a regular design column for Viva Tysons, and has a blog where she shares her interior decorating insights, DreamDesignLive.com .

Denise specializes in creating simple, but elegant transitional interiors that are reflective of her clients' personalities and lifestyles. The combination of her southern roots and urban lifestyle can be seen in her personal design style, which combines the comfort and hospitality of the South with the flair of the big city.

Slipcovers for your Walls, Yes…Your Walls!

Until recently, if you wanted to achieve a custom design, faux effect or unique art for your walls, you had to hire a muralist, a faux finisher or a custom fabricator to achieve the desired look. Now, however, a whole new genre of wall coverings are available, offering fast, easy, inexpensive and removable (yes, removable) solutions to bring new life to even the dullest interiors.

These new products provide the same flexibility for walls as slipcovers have for chairs and sofas for years. In the past, only homeowners could enjoy such unique wall treasures as they were more permanent and required significant financial investment to achieve the desired look. With this new family of products, those days are long behind us. Renters, college students and military families alike can add dramatic effects to their walls without the worry of breaking their contracts (or their piggy banks)!

Casart Coverings (www.casartcoverings.com) offers original decorative faux finishes that have been printed on removable, repositionable and reusable high-end canvas (similar to vinyl). Check out the faux zebrawood, they are absolutely stunning, and the best part is they are temporary.  If you find you want to change your decor or get reassigned and have to move, you simply remove them!

It used to be that only a professional faux finish or a textured wallpaper could achieve the results of a linen wall effect.  However, with Casart Coverings, the days of having to use one of these expensive and more permanent means to achieve the look are over. Check out Casart’s faux linen effect below. Isn’t it amazing?

Renters often get frustrated by their limited ability to make changes to their homes. With Casart Coverings, changes can be made without the worry of upsetting your landlord. Check out the faux tile effect on the stairs below. Wow, what a difference!

Need a cost-effective way to spruce up your bedroom, but don’t have the cash for a new bed?  Well, Casart has a solution for that.  Check out the faux headboard below.  Imagine how often you could change out your bedding ensemble with this type of flexible solution…

Another method of providing unique wall art is to use your own photos to create wall canvases like those offered by Print Your Canvas (www.printyourcanvas.com). Below, a photo of a cute little westie has been converted into colorful pop art.

Here is the actual photo of the cute little ball of fluff…

The dog owner chose the “Pop Art” style from the PrintYourCanvas.com website and here is the canvas that was produced.

Now all the homeowner has to do is find the perfect spot to hang his new personalized art. Print Your Canvas offers many different styles from which to choose for your wall art. Just point, click, upload, select your style and let the wall magic begin! And, with Vision Bedding (www.visionbedding.com) you can take this concept one step further. Not only can you create wall art from an existing library of photos and graphics, but also coordinating bedding, pillows and so much more.

A final way to add a little spice to your walls without breaking your bank account is to use wall decals. Decorative wall decals come in all shapes, sizes and styles these days and are a great way to spruce up most any space.

Here are a few of my favorite from All Posters (www.allposters.com):

Dramatic Damask Wall Decal

Modern Wall Decal Updates A Teen's Space

Makeover Your Walls with a Tree Decal

Whether a permanent resident or just passing through, many options that are both affordable and flexible are available for adding dramatic wall effects to your home, condo or apartment.  To learn more about these wall options or share your thoughts, please email Denise at dwillard@decorbydenise.com.

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