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Karen Hopper grew up in the Nation's Heartland — Michigan, and graduated from Mt. Holyoke where she double-majored in Politics and Religion, and hosted a radio show.
Karen is an avid reader and enjoys a variety of music genres. As a movie buff she prefers to watch movies alone. Karen's cerebral and sarcastic nature make her the perfect critic!

Great Movies on Netflix Streaming

Netflix Streaming currently has Julie & Julia, The Proposal, and The September Issue available.

Julie & Julia is just as charming as was reported when it was in theaters. I’m completely baffled as to how Amy Adams’ version of Julie Powell can be construed as a bitch; a person with moods and passions and flaws, yes. But a bitch? No. And that her bitchitude is accepted as fact in the film is disconcerting. However, Meryl Streep’s Julia Child is endearing and so fun to watch. Her onscreen chemistry with Stanley Tucci is heart-melting.

The Proposal is a standard fare chick flick, but it’s kind of fun. I like the shots of Alaska, and the mansion in it is gorgeous. Sandra Bullock is uninspiring, but adequate, and Ryan Reynolds is . . . uninspiring, but adequate, and has better lines, so he seems a lot better than Bullock, though they are probably evenly matched.

The September Issue is a documentary made about the production of American Vogue’s famous 2007 September Issue. It features Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington’s working relationship quite heavily, and counts as one of three things in popular culture that helped me to conceive of some fashion as art (The other two are: Ugly Betty where Betty runs a designer’s show, and Project Runway season finales, when the designers present their collections and articulate their concepts). Anna Wintour is likable in this documentary, and she comes across as s sympathetic person. Maybe even sweet.

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