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Blonde Charity Mafia Episode 2: Where is Miss A When You Need Her?

Blonde Charity Mafia

Here’s my second episode verdict on BCM: If it’s going to be contrived, why was it contrived without Miss A? You see, she was called a “cougar” in the press and on Late Night Shots, and boy, could this episode have used one.

(Side note! In Real Life, Miss A ain’t no cougar. She doesn’t need to stalk and pounce on on the young sirs when they are the ones that come panting up to her. I’m just sayin’.)

The episode opens with Sophie  Pyle & Gang in a shoe store, discussing Sophie’s “hook-up” with John Pyne. How Sex and the City minus Samantha!

Moving on to Katherine Kennedy’s roof, where Krista tells Katherine that John Pyne would be flattered if Katherine asked him to be in

Andrea Rodgers with Scarlett and Alexa Johnson (Krista's sister) and Katherine Kennedy at Fashion for Paws 2009 (photo by Stacey Vaeth Gonzalez)

Andrea Rodgers with Scarlett and Alexa Johnson (Krista's sister) and Katherine Kennedy at Fashion for Paws 2009 (photo by Stacey Vaeth Gonzalez)

the bachelor auction because “that means something to you.” Miss A would have told Katherine to use her contacts to find another piece of leancake, because one’s own date, suspected of straying once, is not to be given the indication that any kind of straying is acceptable.

Krista Johnson and Adam are a little stiff and scripted but it works because they’re supposed to be confused about their relationship. I totally believe their storyline and I WANT it to be so. Then it turns out that poor Krista goes on a date with a guy who likes her SISTER!! How terrible. I’m totally sold on this story line, and I’m bouncing in my chair going, “OMG! OMG! OMG!” This doesn’t happen in real life does it? I mean, it must, because sisters tend to look alike, right? I don’t have a blood sister. Somebody weigh in! And then the winning Krista-to-Adam interaction occurs, and I’m thinking that I’ve been taken for a ride, that Miss A was in this series all along and she never told me, and I’m prepared to pick up my cell phone and squawk mild obscenities into her voicemail:

Krista to Adam: A cougar might bid on you.

SWEET! Because if I saw Miss A smooch on Adam’s wee boyish little cheeks, I would not feel guilty for spending hours and hours of my life watching and reviewing Blonde Charity Mafia.

Later, Sophie tells Natalie that she plans to bid on John (Katherine’s boyfriend) at the Bachelor Auction, and Natalie calls Sophie a troublemaker. Then Sophie’s Tattletale Dimples appear and I feel that all is right with the wicked, wicked, world. But John turns the car around when he hears Sophie’s voicemail, and my devious heart is shattered. Boys and their disgraceful avoidance of drama.

Cut to a scene of Katherine looking vulnerable and sad and disappointed that John hasn’t trotted himself out to stud, but it’s hard to feel sorry for Katherine when it is so obvious that John is a stone-cold cad.

The Bachelor auction proceeds, and Cailin, Katherine’s friend, wins the-bachelor-from-The-Bachelor, Andy Baldwin. Sophie wins Adam, Krista’s friend. Since it is SO obvious that these results were staged, they should have had Miss A on the show, so that Krista’s warning about a cougar getting Adam was foreshadowing. Really, I learned about foreshadowing in high school literature class, and it’s apparently some pretty cool stuff.

But I guess an entertaining twist would be if Sophie and Adam liked each other. Dun da dun . . .

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