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Slane and Slane Trunk Show at Mystique Jewelers



On Friday, October 23, 2009, Elizabeth Mandros Miller, Owner of Mystique Jewelers in Old Town Alexandria, will host a Trunk Show for Slane and Slane. This is a special opportunity to see Slane and Slane’s full line, and take advantage of special discounts.  The event is free to the public with an RSVP, as there is limited space. 

If you are unfamiliar with this designer jewelry, the pieces are very affordable as they are made in sterling silver. My favorite part about the line, is that their collections mix symbolism with vintage glamour.

Lion Annual Edition symbolizes bravery, strength, and dauntless courage

The Lion Monument in Lucerne, Switzerland was the inspiration for Heath and Landon’s Lion Collection. Designed by Danish sculptor, Bertel Thorwaldsen in 1891, the monument commemorates the heroic Swiss Guards who defended the Tuileries during the French Revolution in 1792. This huge figure of the sleeping lion is carved out of the face of a sandstone cliff above the city center. It is quite possibly one of the most moving pieces of rock sculpture in the world both for its beauty and its powerful symbolism.

Basket Weave Collection represents the weave of vintage with the spirit of the 21st century

Uninhibited by a metal smith’s knowledge and free to design by instinct not within the constraints of what’s been done before, Basket Weave is quite possibly Heath and Landon’s most ambitious collection to date. Considered one of the widest spread crafts in the history of any human civilization, basket weaving has moved from a utilitarian to a decorative art form. Heath and Landon shunned the traditional materials for weaving and coaxed an extraordinary texture from a wax, which became the mold, which became the model which we present in a stunning sterling silver jewelry collection. Realized in the bold scale which the sisters favor, the Basket Weave Collection reflects the emotion of vintage with the spirit of the 21st Century

Column Medallion Extensions

The Column Collection is the foundation of every woman’s Slane & Slane collection. It is a catch all for any smooth, ridged or beaded design which is not specifically associated with a collection which otherwise draws its inspiration from nature, mythology or symbolism. It has become a signature detail which like its architectural inspiration is found in both a supporting role and as a singular design element throughout Slane & Slane’s varied collections. It is easily recognized wherever it appears as a subtle play between raised and etched ridges or beads. The raised details are brushed or polished, and the etched details are sandblasted resulting in a combination that adds depth and intrigue to the design. In eighteen karat gold and sterling silver designs, collectors will now find twelve classic items including the signature bangles.

Sterling Silver Sulis Collection inspired by Celtic Goddess of Water

The look is very exciting and beautiful — never predictable, but always appropriate. Draws on the flowing motion of the water, while evoking the spiritual quality of the mystical Celtic knot. In versatile sterling silver, Sulis pieces are perfect for everyday sophistication. With all the intricate details to be expected from a Slane and Slane design, the Sulis collection is the result of meticulously woven metals that encapture the symbolism of the mysterious goddess of water.

Ra Collection of the Egyptian Sun God symbolizes light, warmth, and growth

The Ra Collection is inspired by the Sun God of Heliopolis, an ancient Egyptian city known for its citizens of exquisite jewelry and lavish clothing. Ra was conisdered self created and creator of all. These myths are found within the beautiful pieces of the Ra Collection, which symbolizes positive thoughts of growth and renewal, just like the rising and setting of the sun. Mixing sterling silver and brilliant yellow gold, Ra items include a single diamond to emphasize the symbol of hope and light found at the center of each piece of jewelry.

I hope you will join us this Friday from 12:00 to 7:00 p.m to take advantage of this great opportunity.  I think you’ll really enjoy seeing all the pieces and learning more about the symbolism in the designs!

Be sure to RSVP to  (703) 836-1401 or mystique@mystiquejewelers.com

– Miss A

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