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Electrician Finding More Than Electrical Sparks!


Dear Miss A,

I will try to keep it short. I am living in South Africa. I have done electrical work many times for a beautiful older lady. She phoned me one day for a quotation to replace electrical plugs etc.  She is in her 40’s and still working, I am turning 25 this month. I work as an qualified electrician. The day when I met her I immediately kind of liked her. And we talk a lot about everything, even about sex. She is very open person. She was on leave for a week. And I was there working at her house she bought. She said to me that I was very handsome and I am very strong build and she touched my arm a lot. She even kissed me goodbye and hugged me after the days work. I just replied the same.

She is very kind person. She is in my mind a lot now. On the Thursday I said to her I really like you, you are so beautiful and kind woman. She was blushing a lot and smiling endless and taking her hand and fingers through her own hair aggressively I must say. She almost acted like a very young girl. I immediately try to avoid further eye contact because I am not sure what I am getting me into. She was acting very happy the whole day talking to each other while I was working. She even helped me and asked so many questions of my work and electricity.  I almost got shocked by electricity because of she keep on talking to me. She even offered me drinks and food which she made. She is really a very attractive woman you must believe me!

About a week later after completing my job there I received a text message from her saying we must go for coffee. Is it true when a woman ask you to have coffee that she is interested in you? Anyway I replied and said just tell me when you want to have coffee? Nothing happened she never phoned and days are passing and I got sort of worried but also I wanted to have coffee with her and she is not phoning. I personally never dated any girl because of my work that came first at that time. She is my first date.

I send her a text message on Saturday morning the 1st of Aug. If  I could take her out this coming Friday night for dinner at a restaurant. She immediately replied back saying, “Yes fine, we will make all final arrangements in the week.” Will she phone me or must I phone her. What does that mean?

This is my first real date with an older woman. How must I be? What if I am not funny or have good jokes. Or boring. I am not going to take her to a very expensive restaurant. What will she think of that? I like her a lot. I never had sex in my life. I can feel I want her to be the one. My feelings are out of control, really. I think of her a lot. Do you think she wants sex with me? I want sex with her. But I don’t want to scare her off.

I don’t know what to expect or to be. I just know this will not be a normal dinner. I will appreciate if you can give me some advice on this; my heart wants to jump out of my body. I love this woman I am in love with her. I wish you could see and talk to her. Then you will know why?  She is divorced. She had a very bad husband who had beaten her. She told me everything. She has a daughter who is now 16 years old. I met and talked to her too. Do you think that she is into me, really.

Please help!

Falling For My Customer

Dear Falling For My Customer,

Thank you so much for writing in with your question! It’s fun to get questions from foreign countries, although the culture can be very different than what I’m used to here in the States. I have to say I’m shocked that you’re 25 years old and have never had sex with a woman! If this is true, an older woman might actually be the best thing for you.

It sounds to me like you and your customer are both very attracted to each other both physically and mentally. This is great! You all may be exactly what the other needs right now. You seem like a sweet, and naive young man who won’t hurt her, and she’s been hurt a great deal. And she is older and nuturing and can’t teach you a lot.


Even though you are younger, you should take the lead and call her. Don’t worry about taking her to an expensive restaurant. She knows you are an electrician, and if she was looking for money, she wouldn’t be interested in you. Clearly, she is interested, so don’t have any doubts. Be confident, but not arrogant. Confidence is a turn on, but arrogance is a huge turn off!

I suggest you look into a couple of interesting ethnic restaurant that aren’t too expensive, but at the same time are nice, clean and have a solid reputation. When you call her, you can mention a few of these, and see which she prefers. This way, it shows you took time to research some nice options, but she can guide you as to which she is most comfortable. Even though you don’t have a lot of money, you should pay for the date. It’s a nice gesture, and will mean a lot to her, especially since you don’t have that much money. You don’t have to be a comedian — just be yourself, because she likes you as you are. Be a gentleman, opening doors, pulling out her chair for her, compliment how she looks, and just talk with her as you did in her home. I know she has told you about her difficult marriage, but try to keep the conversation light – movies, books, travel, music, and such.

I know that you want to have sex with her, and it sounds as if she’s very attracted to you, too. I would suggest that you give her a kiss on the cheek when you take her home, and see how she responds. I think it would be best not to rush into anything with her. I get the feeling you’d be very hurt if you had sex with her, and never heard from her again. I think you need to take it slow, because I don’t want you to get hurt.


Please stay in touch and let me know how it goes!


– Miss A


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