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A Reader’s Thoughts on Real Housewives of DC


Dear Miss A,

On the topic of Real Housewives – I have been watching the show since its Atlanta season (and obviously caught up on the seasons before that via ALL the marathons Bravo constantly runs) and the show has really evolved, only to take eight giant steps backward with this New Jersey season. This NJ season is not diverse, seeing as three of the women are part of the same pseudo-mafia family. It is not unique, being from Clifton in NoVa, the houses aren’t all that special and the story-lines are even less distinctive. However, I still watch it, call it guilty pleasure, or expert marketing on Bravo’s behalf. But back to RH of DC, as a Georgetown student, but growing up in the burbs of NoVa, I have just recently been turned onto the DC social scene. I have met a lot of great people and I really think we need respectful, stylish women to represent DC well. I don’t want Bravo to be scraping the bottom of the barrel and end up with trashy, wannabe women (a la NJ ladies). And thus, I really do hope you consider taking the opportunity to be on the show. While Bravo ultimately can edit the show however they please, don’t give them any room to portray you in a negative light. I think this can only boost your profile, and come on, it would be a hell of a lot of fun too!!

All the best,

Hoya Carey

Dear Hoya Carey,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. I will definitely take my readers thoughts into account when making this decision.

One thing that I really hope is that Real Housewives of D.C. will show the wonderful cultural and ethnic diversity that we have in Washington. Because DC is the nation’s capital, we are fortunate to have people in our community from quite literally from every nation on Earth. I hope that Bravo also highlights all the strong, sophisticated, successful African-American women in Washington. 

– Miss A

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